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HLTH 2022 Takeaways Part One: Recover, Stabilize, and… Transform?

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by Eric Thrailkill
Healthcare Technology and Strategy Senior Advisor

Guest Authored by Eric Thrailkill

Essentially every provider sector within the industry is facing tremendous headwinds.  Declining margins, workforce challenges, recession forecasts, inflation, and policy uncertainty are impacting an exhausted provider community within all care segments.  

Despite these headwinds, never before has the need to truly transform (catalyzed by the pandemic, surrounded by competitive “disruptors”) to ensure an improved patient and consumer experience, which has never been more urgent.  

Simultaneously stabilizing existing operations and adapting to accelerated consumer expectations (hybrid care, improved diagnostics, personalized treatment, coordinated community resources) – all the while acknowledging the increasing payment shifts to patients, is creating an enormous strain on provider organizations needing to accelerate the technology transition to a modern, cloud-based infrastructure, ensuring security, privacy, and compliance remain top priorities.

While many innovators demonstrated solutions targeting these industry challenges, the “appetite” to invest is challenged by the existing operational headwinds.  HLTH provided the platform to have these meaningful discussions.

On display at HLTH – investors, venture studios, incumbent partnerships, and Redesign Health – all discussing and simultaneously addressing the agendas at the intersection of operations and transformation.

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