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ConciergeIT Team
ConciergeIT: Fractional On-Demand Resources
If you have too many technology projects and not enough resources to get it all done, our approach to staff augmentation is what you're looking for.
EMR EHR Systems
Unlock the full potential of your EMR / EHR systems. Streamline operations, enhance security, ensure compliance, optimize workflows, and more.
Hospital Chain
Migrating Hospitals and Clinics into Centralized Workforce Management System Saves $3.5 Million.
Virtual CIO Helps Grow and Scale New Healthcare Enterprise
AI Healthcare
AI in Healthcare: Opportunities, Benefits, & More
Using Salesforce for Healthcare Data Security and Compliance
AI Strategy Healthcare Webinar

Webinar: April 25 at 10 A.M. CST
Choose The Right AI Strategy For Your Business

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Why the Wheat?
Find out the story behind our iconic wheat logo. (Hint: it doesn’t have anything to do with bread.)
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Unlock the Full Potential of your EMR / EHR Systems.

At Provisions Group, we understand the intricate needs of healthcare organizations and offer comprehensive solutions designed to streamline operations, enhance security, ensure compliance, and optimize workflows.

EMR EHR Systems

Diagnosing the Pulse of Your Organization.

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?

No Matter What Challenge You Are Facing, We Can Help!

Our team of experts have the experience you need to get your EMR/EHR running smoothly! Our proven process will help you diagnose any problems and determine the right solution fast.

ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03Security & Compliance Security and Compliance
  • Thorough vulnerability checks to ensure data security. 
  • Full regulatory and HIPAA compliance analysis and audits. 
  • Implementation of best practice solutions for long-term compliance. 
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03Implementation & Support Implementation and Support
  • Seamless integration with any EMR, Clinical, or Hospital System. 
  • Comprehensive training programs tailored to your staff's needs. 
  • Hybrid training model combining on-site support and virtual sessions. 
  • Certified trainers serving as super-users to provide ongoing assistance and address any challenges. 
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03BI & Data Analytics Data and Analytics
  • Strategic data models to improve business capabilities. 
  • Data mining techniques, reporting, setup, and training for a competitive advantage. 
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03Data Conversions Data Conversions
  • Expert assistance in data migration and conversion. 
  • ETL services to ensure seamless data transfer. 
  • Cost-effective solutions without per-entry fees. 
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03HR & PM Transitions HR and PM Transitions
  • Trusted support for smooth transitions during mergers and acquisitions. 
  • Focus on five pillars of successful transitions for optimal outcomes. 
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03Revenue Cycle Management Revenue Cycle
  • Maximized reimbursement with reduced costs. 
  • Collaborative approach for streamlined billing processes. 
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03Development & Design Development and Design
  • Full-scale development services for EHR systems. 
  • Agnostic approach to ensure compatibility with over 10 EHR systems. 
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03Go-Live Support Go Live Support
  • Comprehensive analysis of data post Go-Live. 
  • Identification of challenges and root causes for proactive solutions. 
  • Dedicated team focused on transition success. 
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03EMR Optimization EMR Optimization
  • Seamless integration with any EMR, Clinical, or Hospital System. 
  • Comprehensive training programs tailored to your staff's needs. 
  • Hybrid training model combining on-site support and virtual sessions. 
  • Certified trainers serving as super-users to provide ongoing assistance and address any challenges. 
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03MIPS Consulting MIPS Consulting
  • Alignment and simplification of CQM data delivery efforts. 
  • Tools and capabilities to ensure timely and accurate reporting. 
  • Strategic advisory  
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03Clinical Workflow Optimization Clinical Workflow Optimization
  • Tailored optimization strategies based on your specific workflows. 
  • Evaluation of current practices to identify areas for improvement. 
  • Training plans that optimize both system and human performance. 
ConsultingIcons_HoverCardBlue_L1hc-03Project Management Project Management
  • Expert guidance on project planning and execution. 
  • Utilization of agile/waterfall/scrum engineering techniques. 
  • Collaborative approach to build customized project plans. 
  • Identification of milestones and resources essential for success. 

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Our Expertise is Healthcare

Our team at Provisions Group has the expertise to take your healthcare organization's technology to the next level. We’ve helped 100’s of businesses just like yours solve their toughest IT challenges. Our retention rate is through the roof and our primary goal is to help you win at work. 

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How We Transformed Aylo Health's Scheduling System With Salesforce

Aylo Health, a growing primary healthcare provider, was using a scheduling tool to engage with patients to facilitate scheduling and automate flows. The tool was intended to send patients appointment reminders, check them in, input intake data, assist patient advocates in navigating the office, and more...

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