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HLTH 2022 Takeaways Part Five: Partnerships Can be Powerful

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by Eric Thrailkill
Healthcare Technology and Strategy Senior Advisor

Guest Authored by Eric Thrailkill

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Partnerships, new models of innovation, joint ventures, collaboration, and even “radical collaboration” were on display and heard over and over again by participants in the HLTH ecosystem.  Noting this event was specifically designed to promote building the ecosystem (a complex organization of networks) necessary to impact industry challenges, HLTH did not disappoint.  

Perhaps this quote from Sam Hazen, CEO, and Chairman of HCA Healthcare, said it best – “… fragmentation is the fundamental issue in my estimation…[during the pandemic] one of our guiding principles was that we needed to partner with whomever..and that opened our eyes to the fact that we don’t have all the internal capabilities that we need to really advance our agenda.”  

Hazen went on to note that HCA Healthcare will not reduce its investments and agendas in clinical quality, workforce retention, and education – despite the headwinds facing the industry. 

Many believe the path forward will consist of agile organizational structures, addressing “today” as well as having a foot in “tomorrow” – orchestrating, partnering, and participating in ecosystems – all designed to deliver superior patient outcomes with improved patient and consumer satisfaction and simultaneously reducing the unit cost of healthcare services – now, a necessity.

On display at HLTH – partnerships, collaboration, information sharing, ecosystem orchestration – all stages, tech talks, and events.  

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