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Choose The Right AI Strategy For Your Business

Generative AI? Copilot? The AI landscape is expanding at near warp speed and it can be hard to know how to optimize the new technologies—let alone which to use for your business or even how to begin. Our industry leaders share 4 key steps to help you successfully integrate AI into your healthcare organization.

Microsoft Azure Copilot

Learn From AI Leaders

We’ve selected some of the leading minds on AI—including a CTO, CEO, and a Microsoft Blackbelt—to help you navigate the growing AI landscape, and build the right foundational strategy for your business.

Eric Thrailkill

Chairman, Project Healthcare

Eric Thrailkill is a recognized healthcare technology leader...

Eric Hendrickson

CTO, Provisions Group

Eric Hendrickson has been building data and technology solutions...

Chase Spurlock

CEO/Co-Founder, Decode Health

Chase Spurlock, Ph.D. is a serial entrepreneur leading innovation...

Andrew Ditmer

AI Global Blackbelt, Microsoft

Andrew Ditmer is an AI Global Blackbelt at Microsoft where he sits in between the...

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • Where to start: Key steps to build an AI strategy to optimize efficiency and growth.
  • How to use Microsoft Copilot and generative AI for your business.
  • Potential data pitfalls to avoid along with AI myths.
AI Strategy Healthcare

Additional AI Takeaways

Our industry leaders will offer a special Q&A session to answer your AI questions.
Discover which AI tools could best serve your business—and why.
Receive a free AI Strategy Checklist to help create your personalized plan.