Strategic Planning

Move beyond the tyranny of the urgent; develop a strategy to take your team where you want to go.

With focused, strategic planning sessions facilitated by one of Provisions Group's Strategic Technology Advisors, we will help you uncover existing pain points, develop an idea of where you want to go, and help your team articulate short-term and long-term map to get there. We'll give you a framework to focus on the things that matter to help move your organization forward.


Bring in an outside perspective to ask the right questions.

Teams often struggle to break out of the day-to-day tasks and challenge themselves to think strategically about the road ahead. More often than not, it's because they're not sure of the important things to focus on instead of simply what's urgent.

Our one-day and two-day strategic planning sessions are designed to help your teams break out of the tyranny of the urgent. We partner with you to design a map to help you and your team figure out how to get from where you are to where you want to go. We work together to understand what's important to work on and fit your organization's needs. After each session, we'll distill all the notes, action items, and key decisions from the meeting and compile everything into a packet that you can distribute to your team. Most times, this will include:

  • 1 A desired outcome statement for the upcoming year
  • 2 3-4 key goals or milestones for your team (or OKRs)
  • 3 Consolidated notes on what needs to stop, start, or continue to achieve goals
  • 4 Key themes uncovered during the session
  • 5 A roadmap to help your team focus on achieving their goals
  • 6 A scorecard outlining the key goals/milestones and dependencies that can be utilized to ensure the team is moving forward with your plan

One-Day Strategic Planning Session

  • 2 hours of pre-session work
  • One 8-hour strategy session (includes lunch)
  • Team sizes from 1 to 10
  • Experienced facilitator to help your team dig deeper
  • Scorecard, including outcomes of the session
  • Roadmap outlining the results of the session
  • 1-hour post-session follow-up meeting
  • Typically designed for ad-hoc planning or quarterly planning
  • Starts at $6,000

Two-Day Strategic Planning Session

  • Everything included in one-day sessions
  • 3 hours of pre-session work
  • Two 8-hour strategy sessions (includes lunch)
  • Typically designed for annual or quarterly planning sessions requiring more in-depth discussion
  • Can be utilized for Digital Product strategy, IT strategy, team growth, or business strategy development
  • Starts at $10,000

Get a guide to help you turn your vision into an actionable roadmap.

Reach out to us today and one of our Strategic Technology Advisors will schedule a time to walk through your vision, the challenges your team is facing, and your goals. We'll work together to craft a strategic planning session that fits your needs.

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