Strategic Technology Advisors and Resources

Don't let domain expertise or technology leadership be the lid for your organization.

The right technology leadership and the right IT strategies have the potential to change the trajectory of any organization. Whether it's a fractional CTO/CIO, an expert guide to help you navigate a new domain, or someone to help you assess your current ecosystem, Provisions Group gives you access to the expertise you need through our Strategic Technology Advisors and Resources (STARs).

Through Provisions Group, gain access to strategic technology advisors and resources to help your organization win with technology.

We offer multiple programs and solutions that are designed to meet you and your organization where you are. Leadership and advisory aren't a one-size-fits-all solution. We'll work with you to design the program that works for you.


Assess where you are.

Our team of senior-level engineers and architects can provide you with the critical insights you need. We don't just audit where you are—we give you the recommended solutions and roadmaps to help you move from your current state to where you need to go.

Grow your IT leadership.

Leadership is the lid of any organization. Our STAR coaches offer 1:1 leadership coaching, group coaching, and training for up-and-coming engineering leaders and can work with you to tailor the content—and expertise—to your needs.

Build your strategy.

With one-day and two-day focused strategic planning sessions, a STAR facilitator will guide you and your team through the exercises and questions necessary to help you clarify where you are, where you want to go, and outline an actionable plan for your teams to move toward their goals.

Get a proven tech leader.

Whether you're just starting out and not ready to invest the capital needed for a full-time executive-level technology leader or you're a well-established organization needing to bridge a leadership gap, Provisions Group helps you and your teams succeed with experienced vCTO, vCIO, vCISO, vCPO, and vCOO fractional leaders.

Enterprise Architecture

At Provisions Group, we believe technology exists to solve problems and ultimately serve the needs of the organization. With one of our experienced Enterprise Architects, we can work with you to outline a path to improve your overall business workflows, processes, systems, and associated technology capabilities and needs.

STAR Guides

Companies change directions, technology changes, and sometimes we need a trusted guide to help us navigate new territory. Whether it's changing management, navigating new architecture or systems, or your team is stepping into an entirely new domain, our STAR guides provide the domain-specific, project-based expert guidance you need to overcome your challenges.


Our experienced strategic leaders can help you turn technology into an accelerator for your business.

Provisions Group meets your team where you are, whether you have a fully-fledged IT or engineering team or are just starting. We work with you to find the right solution for the challenges you're up against. Gain a trusted advisory or domain expert for specific projects to help build and launch a new digital product to market.

Or, if you don't know what you need but feel stuck with technology, our strategic technology advisors and resources can guide you through an evaluation process. We help you create a roadmap that enables you to achieve your business goals with technology.

Get access to a strategic technology advisor who can help you accelerate your business.

Ready to start the conversation? We'd love to discuss your unique needs and help you find the right solution. We'll schedule a time to talk so we can better understand your business goals, your current challenges, and where you're headed.

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