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Healthcare IT

How we standardized a statewide weight loss clinic's Salesforce system for business success.

Services Provided

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Email Automation
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Funnel

The Challenge: Unreliable Data

A Virginia-based weight loss clinic offers coaching, dietary services, and prescription weight loss solutions statewide. Patients can connect with coaches, pick up pre-portioned food, and work on plans for long-term weight loss.  

The clinic has a strong online presence and runs local ads to drive prospects to the top of its marketing funnel. At the lead stage, they schedule a free consultation in one of their locations to create a custom weight loss program for the customer. They use Salesforce to manage online marketing, local ads, incoming leads, consultations, custom programs, and more. 

The weight loss clinic has multiple locations across Virgina, each with different teams using unique processes for targeting new clients, providing consultations, and tracking marketing progress, which made it difficult to standardize efforts.  

They also had trouble creating a standardized process to manage program dates, customer progress, scheduling, information, and task automation.  

Due to a rapidly expanding business with variable processes and data, the company's systems were fragmented, resulting in unreliable reporting for the executive team.

Our Goal

We needed to create a unified system to track weekly goals to help the weight loss clinic manage marketing efforts. 

Our Provisions Group Solution

We created a system for setting initial baseline goals and tracking weekly successes to help the weight loss clinic stay on top of their marketing progress. 

To assist with consultations, we set up a dynamic scheduler that syncs with team calendars to ensure the right team members are available for those meetings. We also created intake forms to capture basic customer information as well as detailed health summaries, goals, and progress for each client. 

In addition, we set up automated emails to accompany certain events in Salesforce, such as scheduled consultations, form submissions, and program launches. 

To segment clients across different parts of the state, we created a system that allows each clinic location to be tracked as an individual entity—yet within a summarized reporting structure for the company. We also incorporated a parallel process to their standard program for prescription weight loss drugs. This was crucial to support a new line of business tied to the popularity of Ozempic and other weight loss medications. 




Intake Forms


Automated Emails



Our Results

Our team quickly aligned the weight loss clinic’s data systems with standardized processes for its multiple locations. Since then, we have worked with the company for more than three years to refine their evolving processes and bring more operations onto their Salesforce platform


An end-to-end Salesfore sales funnel that spans the company’s entire business.  

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