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How We Transformed Aylo Health's Scheduling System With Salesforce

Services Provided

  • Salesforce
  • Automation
  • Marketing Cloud
  • Chat Support
  • Custom Integration

The Challenge: Complex Scheduling

Aylo Health, a growing primary healthcare provider, was using a scheduling tool to engage with patients to facilitate scheduling and automate flows. The tool was intended to send patients appointment reminders, check them in, input intake data, assist patient advocates in navigating the office, and more.

The company—which has 15 offices, 65 internal Salesforce users, and 127,000 external users and growing—decided it needed to upgrade its scheduling tool to create customized rules for more control and a better scheduling experience.

Aylo Health uses a back-end electronic medical records system and commercially available healthcare scheduling product hosted off-platform, separate from its Salesforce CRM. This can make for longer connection times for manual data entry, decreased productivity, and increased chance of error.

As a healthcare business, they need a scheduling tool which can work with intricate rules related to when, how, and what can be scheduled, as well as for the intended individual patients. It was challenging to build a scheduling tool that could follow complex rules while increasing productivity and integrating into the Salesforce CRM.

Our Goal

We needed to build a custom solution in Salesforce that encompassed Aylo Health’s complex scheduling rules while upgrading their specific scheduling features.

Our Provisions Group Solution

Our team created a unique solution–which involved combining parts of the existing electronic medical record scheduling system with a rebuild in native Salesforce. The new, customized scheduling application serves both internal staff and external patient scheduling–including for providers and non-provider resources, and captures patient information, and more. The elaborate system also includes a scheduling audit log for tracking related activity.


The solution also called for heavily customized integration with Marketing Cloud to facilitate patient communication around scheduled appointments. In addition, to bolster Aylo Health’s existing IP phone system, we added chat features to the website custom portal and integrated scheduling system, to allow for call and contact center support. Further, all potential patient information could then be filtered into Salesforce CRM.


The scheduling tool can be broken down into three primary purposes:

  • Contact Center Scheduling: for internal contact center employees to schedule patients, input data, and more.
  • Aylo Health Staff Scheduling: for internal staff and healthcare providers to schedule patients.
  • Patient Self Scheduling: for external patient scheduling and maintenance of their own appointments—so they can cancel and reschedule, as well.

Scheduling Tool

Custom Scheduling 

Automate Flows

Automated Flows


Tailored Integration



The Results

After our team stepped in and redesigned the system for the scheduling tool and integration, Aylo Health has had successful outcomes. We combined all the data for both internal and external purposes into a unified platform. The company saved more than $180K on existing costs, after not needing to use all the original scheduling system’s features. We automated more tasks and cut time for scheduling and data entry, as well.

We combined data, removed unneeded features, and automated tasks.

The unified platform saved over $180K along with patient and employee time.



“I would recommend Provisions Group for Salesforce: In a time when we were struggling with an existing Salesforce partner, Provisions Group stepped in to help us move this project forward.”

Joe FalcomataVice President of Digital Products

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