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Meet the Speakers

Eric Hendrickson

Chief Technology Officer at Provisions Group

Eric Hendrickson is an IT leader, architect, engineer, and all around lover of learning, creating, destroying, and then doing it all again. He has been designing and creating systems (of various kinds) most of his life which has lead to a deep appreciation of bits, bytes, building, baking (gluten is gold), bread, boards (executive), boards (for food prep), boiling/broiling/baking/basting (loves to cook), brains, buddies, bands, body-work, and balance (and all awesome applications of alliteration). Eric lives in Franklin, TN with his wife and two boys who are more valuable to him than anything he could ever hope to do personally or professionally.

Justin Meeker

Vice President of Advisory Services at Provisions Group

Justin Meeker is a perpetual tinkerer who wants to understand how everything works and loves delving into conversations about the most random topics. His journey in technology began in 4th grade with a 500-in-one electronic project lab. He quickly went from building circuits to learning BASIC in middle school to building web applications in the late ‘90s. For the past decade, Justin has focused on building teams and training up other technology leaders across IT, operations, and product teams. Out of the office, he spends most of his time honing his BBQ skills, paddling to waterfalls, and dreaming of the day when he and his wife can move to the woods, retire, and trade berries with the local wildlife. Justin and his wife, Jessica, live in Franklin, TN along with their three incredible (and energetic) kids: Caleb, Levi, and Zoe.

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