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If you have too many technology projects and not enough resources to get it all done, our approach to staff augmentation is what you're looking for.
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Get fractional CTO/CIO, guidance to navigate a new domain, someone to help assess your current ecosystem, and more.
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Get the expertise of a Chief Technology Officer without the cost of a full-time executive.

Hiring a full-time Chief Technology Officer with the leadership experience your organization needs can be cost-prohibitive and take multiple months to recruit successfully. Provisions Group has fractional or virtual Chief Technology Officers that can step in quickly at a fraction of the cost of a full-time hire and with the experience and expertise you need to help your organization succeed.
Virtual Chief Technology Officer

What is a virtual Chief Technology Officer?

A virtual Chief Technology Officer (vCTO) gives you the ability to add a seasoned, executive-level leader to your existing team without going through the rigorous processes often associated with hiring a full-time technology executive.

These experienced technology leaders have worked with multiple teams across various industries. They focus on making the right "technology" choices, guide you through building and scaling your IT or product engineering teams, develop the correct systems and strategy for growth, and ultimately help you gain an outside perspective on what is needed to reach your business goals.

Virtual Chief Technology Officers will work collaboratively with existing teams and provide anywhere from 5 to 30+ hours per week of dedicated leadership time, depending on your company's needs.

How can a virtual Chief Technology Officer help my organization win?

Fractional or virtual Chief Technology Officers, sometimes referred to as a vCTO, serve in the same leadership capacity as a traditional, full-time executive technology leader. Common reasons for an organization to bring in the experience of a vCTO over a full-time executive leader include:

  •  Cost savings over recruiting and hiring a full-time executive team member with comparable experience and capabilities
  • Reduced risk compared to hiring a full-time executive leader that may or may not be a cultural, leadership, or skill fit
  • More experience and deeper expertise compared to comparable rates of what most organizations could pay a full-time technology leader
  • Make an immediate impact compared to the time associated with hiring and onboarding a full-time team member
  • Provide additional domain expertise to support an existing team and navigate new challenges or product changes
  • Scale a digital product or team by leveraging the expertise of an outside consultant for a season

Advantages of engaging with a virtual Chief Technology Officer

Draw from a bench of proven leaders.

Accelerate time-to-execution with leaders who have already been vetted for their experience and leadership.

Terms that meet your needs.

Whether for a year or a specific project, a fractional vCTO can meet you where you are and within your budget restrictions.

Experience in highly-specialized areas.

We have technology leaders who understand the nuances of your specific industry, such as healthcare or higher education.

Develop strategies you need to succeed.

Leverage outside experience to build scalable IT and technology strategies that help you meet your business goals.

Navigate complex projects.

A virtual Chief Technology Office, or vCTO, can provide the guidance your organization needs to successfully navigate projects requiring domain expertise outside your current team's abilities. They can also be a powerful tool to help lead change management initiatives within your organization while your existing engineering or IT team focuses on serving the tactical needs of the business. A vCTO can provide expert guidance with projects that:

  • Break a monolith into a service-oriented application
  • Guide your team to architect and build mobile or web applications with best practices for scalability and security
  • Navigate the complexities associated with new acquisitions
  • Develop a playbook for governance and compliance
  • Lead migrations between Google Workspaces and Microsoft 365 or vice-versa
  • Lead the implementation of new project management software and associated best practices
  • Develop org charts and lead the hiring of a new engineering team, IT team, and other experienced leaders
  • Migrate from on-premise infrastructure and systems to a highly secure, HIPAA-compliant cloud infrastructure
  • Provide stability for your team during an upcoming or existing gap in technology leadership

Get a strategic technology voice at the board level.

Unlike other fractional technology leaders or virtual Chief Technology Officers, Provisions Group has a bench of seasoned, organizational leaders who can help provide the highest level of thought leadership and strategic guidance for your organization at the operating or executive board level.

Provisions Group understands that there are unique requirements for a technology leader to succeed at providing strategic oversight at a board level, and that's why we precisely match our vCTO or other executive-level leaders to your unique situation or challenge.

For organizations looking to add strategic technology thought leadership to their operating or executive boards, Provisions Group can provide leaders who exemplify the following traits and abilities:

  •  High level of business acumen and ability to think as a business leader, not just a technology leader
  • Experience with cross-discipline leadership outside of technology, including marketing, operations, communciations, and sales
  • Fully understands or has directly helped lead through crisis management within an organization
  • Ability to engage with a high level of candor and a willingness to challenge or steer away from potentially damaging decisions
  • Highly-developed ability to communicate thoughts and decisions clearly through presentations
vCTO Voice

Our Experiences Match Your Needs

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Let's talk about how a Provisions Group vCTO can help your company win with technology fraction of the cost of the cost of a full-time executive.

Want to learn more about how you can bring a vCTO, vCIO, vCISO, or other strategic leaders into your team for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time resource? Reach out to us, and one of our advisors will schedule a time to discuss your unique needs!