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HIPAA compliance guidelines can be extremely overwhelming to stay on top of if you are considered a “covered entity”. As an IT Leader, it’s your responsibility to make sure your organization and business associates are HIPAA compliant.

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Get 14 Questions You Need to Answer to Ensure Compliance

The most important reason to ensure your healthcare business is compliant is because being “noncompliant” or committing HIPAA violations can cost several thousand dollars or millions in fines and other possible penalties like jail time. In addition to the legal penalties, businesses may also face reputation damage and loss of trust from patients and employees, which can have lasting effects on the success and sustainability of the organization.

Preventing Gaps and Eliminating Risk is Your Responsibility

With 20 years of experience, our certified security and compliance team at Provisions Group knows what to look for when assessing healthcare organizations like yours for HIPAA compliance.

The IT Leader’s Essential Guide to HIPAA Compliance