Welcome to your branding resource.

Do's & Don'ts

Use the primary logos as your first choice.

If space and sizing are limited, use a logo option without the tagline. The tagline can easily become unreadable if adjusted too small.

Use the icon if space is limited and the logo has already been enforced elsewhere in the same piece.

Provide adequate spacing around the logo.

Do not change the logo in any way. This includes rotating, skewing, changing color, removing the icon, changing the proportion of the text, adding transparency, or changing the font.

Do not use an outdated version of the logo. All approved versions of the logo are provided here.

Do not use a low-quality version of the logo. This can cause blurriness or pixelation. 

Do not place the primary logo on dark backgrounds or the reversed logo on light backgrounds. 

Color Palette

Pine Green

HEX #4A815E
RGB 74, 129, 94
CMYK 73, 30, 73, 13

Emerald Green

HEX #73B76B
RGB 115, 183, 107
CMYK 59, 6, 77, 0


HEX #343A40
RGB 52, 58, 64
CMYK 75, 64, 56, 49

Wheat Yellow

RGB 235, 195, 27
CMYK 9, 21, 100, 0

Stone Grey

RGB 193, 194, 195
CMYK 24, 19, 19, 0

Do's & Don'ts

Wheat Yellow, Charcoal, and Stone Grey are palette colors continued from Provisions Group to create consistency between the two brands.

Pine Green, Emerald Green, and Charcoal are Insight Powered’s primary brand colors. Use Emerald Green in cases where dark backgrounds will not work for Pine Green.

Always use Charcoal as the text color on white, Wheat Yellow, Emerald Green, or Stone Grey.

Always use white as the text color on Charcoal or Pine Green backgrounds.

If you are working on an item that will not allow color (such as a mailing envelope) and you are limited to solid black and white, please reach out to marketing and we will provide the print-ready assets.

Do not use true black as a background color, text color, or design element. Although Charcoal appears black, it is much lighter than true black (#000000).

Do not use colors outside of the brand palette.

Do not mute, lighten, darken, or add transparency to the brand colors.


Proxima Nova is our primary font. Use it on everything.

Proxima Nova

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz

Do's & Don'ts

Always use Proxima Nova on every piece.

If for some reason Proxima Nova is unavailable. Use Mulish only as a last resort.

In email, use Calibri to maintain consistency.

Make headlines large and bold.

Always left-align your copy.

Make sure paragraph text is no smaller than 10pt on print 16pt on digital, disclaimer text is no smaller than 6pt on print, 11pt digital. 

Use Regular for paragraph text. Use Bold for headlines.

Do not use any other font.

Further Resources

Provisions Group and Insight Powered have a unique brand voice. We are clever, artful, intelligent, and appealing. Our clients see us as modern, caring, and sharp. Our impact is kind, generous, and valuable. Our core values display us as intelligent, creative, helpful, and friendly.

Insight Powered should always be written as two words. When necessary, use Insight Powered, a division of Provisions Group.

Make sure spelling, spacing, acronyms, and grammar are the same.

ConciergeIT is the correct way to spell this service. Do not use Concierge IT. 

Healthcare IT is the correct way to spell this service. Do not use Health Care IT or HealthcareIT.

Only use abbreviations if the full word has already been spelled out. Abbreviations can become confusing if used with people unfamiliar with the service, terminology, or industry.

Always use Central Time when communicating about events. The correct way to display a date and time: January 1, 2022 at 8 a.m. CT. 

Keep messaging short, simple, and sweet. Readers may skim overly long paragraphs.

The website for Insight Powered should always be written as InsightPowered.com.

Salesforce is the proper spelling and capitalization for the Salesforce platform.

Illustration and Photography

Insight Powered uses illustration to tell stories through metaphors to support and simplify our technical and complex content.

Use the master decks or SharePoint to access branded illustrations.

Illustration styles for Insight Powered and Provisions Group match. The main difference is the color palette.

All illustrations stick to the color palette.

Photography is used minimally for blogs and special events. If photography must be used, make sure photos are candid, modern, and up-to-date.


Use an Insight Powered cover photo for your Linkedin.

Download an Insight Powered lock screen.

Download an Insight Powered virtual background.

Presentation Tips

Use the provided templates and assets when possible.

Package your presentation as a PDF before sending it to anyone outside of our organization.

If you need any custom graphics, please reach out to marketing. We would love to help!

Make sure Proxima Nova is downloaded to prevent format issues.

Use the approved master decks to duplicate slides and assets to your own documents.

Use only the brand color palette in your presentations.

Questions? Reach out to Marketing for help.