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Eric ThrailkillOct 27, 2022 12:00:00 AM6 min read

Telehealth Academy 2022: Collaboration and Innovative Partnerships

Provisions Group was honored to sponsor and attend the final session of Telehealth Academy’s 2022 sessions, presented by The Entrepreneur Center, and Eric Thraikill, who was recently announced as our new Healthcare Technology and Strategy Senior Advisor. Our Healthcare IT team leadership was in attendance during the event to discuss the future of Healthcare IT and how telehealth will change the landscape of the industry for years to come.  

Our Recap: 

The final, in-person session kicked off in the morning with a warm welcome from Nashville Entrepreneur Center’s Jeremy Raley. After a quick introduction, Jane Allen, CEO of Nashville Entrepreneur Center, mirrored the excitement and opened the floor to eVisit’s Co-founder and CEO, Bret Larsen. 

The session then shifted to a keynote followed by multiple interesting panel discussions that brought together Nashville’s biggest players in healthcare and innovators from around the country. 


The Trajectory of Healthcare Delivery 


Paul Keckley, Managing Editor / The Keckley Report 

Nashville native Paul Keckley began with a challenge for the audience: to look at the long-term goals of where we hope to see healthcare grow. He discussed his belief that there has not been enough time spent on the long-term trajectory of the industry. 

What we learned: We cannot allow the past to dictate the future of healthcare, what worked then will not necessarily work now, it is time to innovate. It is all about reframing our mindset from the short-term to the long-term for the future success of the healthcare industry.  


Telehealth and the Digital Patient Experience in the Future of Healthcare at HCA 


Christopher Northam, VP, Enterprise Telehealth / HCA  

Jessa Kelley, VP of Strategy, and Innovation / HCA Healthcare 

Kelly Nye, VP of Digital Strategy and Development / HCA Healthcare 

Nye stated that traditional healthcare organizations cannot compete with Amazon’s user experience or data collection capabilities. Therefore, she believes partnerships are going to be vital for the future of the healthcare space. The panel also discussed HCA’s efforts to address equity in healthcare, highlighting their partnership with Johnson & Johnson and their hope that telehealth becomes widely common.  

What we learned: HCA’s aim for telehealth is to be better than a standard in-person visit, and partnership will be key to the future success of healthcare.  


LifePoint Health – The Secret Sauce of Successful Digital Health Collaborations 


Jessica Beegle, SVP & Chief Innovation Officer / LifePoint Health 

Chris Altchek, CEO & Founder / Cadence 

Chris Frost, MD, National Medical Director, Hospital-Based Services / LifePoint Health 

Heather Barrett, COO/ Specialist TeleMed (STeM) 

The panel continued with the previous theme of collaboration in the healthcare industry, as LifePoint Health joined the stage with their partners, Cadence, and STeM to reveal what goes into their “secret sauce.” The panel discussed what it takes to make a partnership between a new entrant and an established system thrive.  

We learned: Sharing results, being transparent, having a creative and innovative team to bounce off are all essential components in successful collaboration in the healthcare space.


Telehealth Academy Inaugural Survey + Reaction Panel 


Dan D’Orazio, CEO / Sage Growth Partners 

Ben Steinhafel, Director of Policy and External Affairs / Center for Telehealth and e- Health Law (CTeL) 

Christopher Northam, VP, Enterprise Telehealth / HCA 

Rob Rebak, CEO Forefront Telecare 

The panel discussed key findings from the Inaugural Survey around telehealth conducted by Sage Growth Partners. This survey was administered to both providers and hospitals, covering all aspects of telehealth’s impact on the industry.   

What we learned: Telehealth can solve a myriad of issues, including getting more people access to healthcare. It allows providers and systems to address health equity and the issues of resource scarcity. 


Telehealth’s Integration into Medical Education and Workforce Strategies 


Bruce Brandes, President / 

Anderson Spickard, MD, Interim Dean & Assistant to the President / Frist College of Medicine at Belmont University 

Reed Smith, Vice President, Digital & Innovation, Ardent Health standing in for Frank J. “FJ” Campbell, MD, Chief Medical Officer / Ardent Health 

Michelle Nichols, MD, SVP, Clinical Affairs / Meharry Medical College 

Sara Horst, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

The panel discussed what it was like to teach during the pandemic, and how the massive shift to telehealth was a learning experience for both the teachers and the students.  

What we learned: Students now have a drive to be more technologically involved to provide everyone with access to healthcare. They are excited about the future and the possibilities that stem from eager students and telehealth.  


Evidence-Based Models for Tracking Telehealth Progress 


Mario Ramierez, MD, Consultant / Akin Gump 

Ann Mond Johnson, CEO / American Telemedicine Association 

Heide Bajnrauh, Senior Policy Advisor / Akin Gump Strauss Hauer & Feld LLP 

The panel discussed regulations and restrictions that are coming back into play now that the public health emergency is expected to be lifted. They also talked about the bipartisan nature of telehealth and how sharing of data is going to be essential when trying to push legislation forward. 

What we learned: Following the rules, collaboration and innovation are the keys to digitally transforming and streamlining telehealth.  


Feeding The Beast: Investor Perspective on the Future of Telehealth 


Sachin Agrawal, President / eVisit 

Chase Williams, Growth Equity / Goldman Sachs 

Grant Chamberlain, Senior Managing Director, Healthcare Investment Banking / Ziegler Capital, and Investments 

Robert Chamberlain, Principal / Rock Health Consulting 

Stephanie Davis, Senior Managing Director, Healthcare Technology and Distribution / SVB Securities 

The panel of healthcare investor groups discussed what they are feeling and looking at in telehealth. Investors are coming off the “gold rush” of 2021 and looking at valuations more rationally.  

What we learned: A new sense of rationality is healthy for the industry, but it is still early for investors to agree on whether a massive consolidation is moving forward.


The New Models of Care Delivery: Case Studies 

Next on the agenda were three panels that reviewed case studies that highlighted the unique solutions being deployed across the country. 


Juli Stover, Chief Strategy Officer, eVisit 

Brian Wayling, Executive Director, Technology & Development, Intermountain Healthcare 

Steve Ommen, MD, Medical Director, Consumer Products and Platform Strategy, Center for Digital Health, Mayo Clinic 

The panel discussed the positive impact of telehealth on both organizations and patients, and the importance of having an open mind when it comes to the big picture and the future of telehealth and automation.  



Katie Smith Green, Head of Content, Current Health / Best Buy Health Company 

Ryan Starnes, Senior Director, Operations, Vanderbilt Hospital at Home / Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

Tara Horr, MD, Vanderbilt University Medical Center 

The panel discussed focusing on connectivity and ensuring access to necessary technologies to improve outcomes for telehealth patients. You must get creative when your patients prefer to be at home.  



Aaron Sheedy, COO & Co-Founder / Xealth 

Bradley Crotty, MD, Chief Digital Engagement Officer / The Froedtert & Medical College of Wisconsin Health System 

The panel discussed how telehealth can seamlessly integrate with and improve in-person visits through partnership.  


Where Do We Go from Here? 

Brian Moyer, Tech Entrepreneur & Advisor 

Chemu Langat, COO / Best Buy Health 

Marc Watkins, MD, Chief Medical Officer / Kroger Health 

Ryan Donnelly, VP, Strategy, and Innovation / Premise Health 

The final panel of “disruptors” discussed their desire to collaborate and be supportive partners to the healthcare industry. They discussed a focus on the needs of their customers, and how communication with clients helped them navigate new waters in the healthcare space.  
What we learned: Do not think of these companies as being “disruptors.” Instead, think of them as being supporters in the evolution of healthcare that is telehealth. 


Are you looking to implement a telehealth system for your practice? Provisions Group has the tools and experience needed to provide virtual healthcare services. Click here to learn more about our Healthcare IT division.