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Sales Cloud Unlimited
Jan 23, 2024 10:00:06 PM3 min read

Sales Cloud Unlimited: Is it Worth it?

Salesforce recently announced a new SKU to bundle up their most popular Sales tools into a single license. Their goal is to provide companies with a unified platform for sales powered with AI, automation, and analytics to make sales reps more efficient. According to Ketan Karkhanis, GM, EVP, Sales Cloud: “We are in a new era of selling where every sales organization needs to transform from intuition-based to data-driven decision making to be successful. Companies need technology that unites workflow, automation, and intelligence to drive productivity and efficient growth across every channel, and now with Sales Cloud Unlimited, our customers can have all three.”

We will compare the pricing and out-of-the-box capabilities of the Unlimited edition with the Enterprise edition. The current advertised price of Sales Cloud Enterprise is $150/user/month, while the new Unlimited edition price is $300/user/month. That’s a big jump, but is it worth it?

Out of the Box

Let’s compare what you actually get in Enterprise versus Unlimited. In addition to all the capabilities of the Enterprise edition, the Unlimited bundle includes the following (this article is not a deep dive into the capabilities of these products, but bullet points are included):

  • Sales Engagement (formerly High-Velocity Sales)
    • Inbox and Einstein Activity Capture
    • Sales Cadences
    • Work Queues
    • Conversation Insights
  • Sales Cloud Einstein
    • Predictive Forecasting
    • Lead and Opportunity Scoring
    • Analytics
  • Full Copy Sandbox (plus 5 Developer Pro sandboxes)
    • A complete replica of production org with all data
  • Premium Success Support
    • 24/7 support with faster service level agreement
    • Expert coaching

Unlimited vs. Enterprise with Salesforce Add-ons

Now let’s look at what these features would cost as an add-on to the Enterprise edition (note: these are the published Salesforce prices, but can vary from the actual negotiated price):

Salesforce Feature Add-on Price
Sales Engagement $75/user/month
Sales Cloud Einstein $50/user/month
Premium Success Support %30 of net spend (minimum $45/user/month based on $150 Enterprise license cost)
Full Copy Sandbox %30 of net spend (minimum $45/user/month based on $150 Enterprise license cost)
Total Add-on Price $215/user/month


When we add up the add-on prices on top of the base price of Enterprise, that comes out at $365/user/month. So it appears it is a better deal to purchase Salesforce Unlimited than to add on all the features on top of the Enterprise edition, which makes sense.

Unlimited vs. Enterprise with 3rd Party Add-ons

But what about adding on 3rd party solutions on top of the Enterprise edition, maybe that would be cheaper? Again, this is not a rich feature comparison, but let’s look at some leading alternatives to the Salesforce add-ons.

Salesforce Capability Vendor Add-on Price
Sales Cadences Salesvue $149/user/month
Inbox/Activity Capture Cirrus Insight $29/user/month
Conversation Insights Gong Estimate $115/user/month
Premium Success Support Salesforce %30 of net spend (minimum $45/user/month based on $150 Enterprise license cost)
Full Copy Sandbox Salesforce %30 of net spend (minimum $45/user/month based on $150 Enterprise license cost)
Total Add-on Price   $383/user/month


It’s difficult to compare all the features line by line, and the above examples are just for the sake of comparison and not apples to apples. However, in this example, we end up at $533/user/month when we add in the base cost of Enterprise licenses. This cost also does not include the additional overhead of developing and maintaining these solutions on top of the Salesforce platform.

Bottom Line

Is Sales Cloud Unlimited a good choice for your business? The answer will depend on the size of your company and whether you need all of the features included. But if your medium to large size business is ready to invest in the next generation of sales tools to increase efficiency and automation, going all in with Sales Cloud Unlimited will probably make sense and should pay off in the long term.

Are you interested in learning more about our Salesforce Solutions? Click here to get connected with a member of our team!