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Jun 24, 2024 9:42:30 AM2 min read

Provisions Group Staffing Success: Steven Howard

Hiring the right candidate for your team means much more than finding the right keywords on a resume. It’s about finding the right person, who has the right skills, and who truly is the right fit.

At Provisions Group, our recruiters get to know each candidate well—so the fit can be mutual. And that’s how it happened for Nashville-based IT Director, Steven Howard, who recently accepted a full-time position at an enterprise healthcare company.

Finding the Right Fit

“Kevin reached out to me and said, ‘We have this new role; would you like to interview?’ and he gave me some background,” Howard says. “And then I did the first interviews that week.”

Less than a week later, Provisions Group Senior Recruiter, Kevin Harris called Howard with news of an offer.

“Kevin knew exactly what he was looking for,” Howard says. “And it happens to be the perfect fit for me.”

Identifying a mutual fit between hiring manager, company, and candidate comes down to partnership—which means understanding the hiring manager and his or her needs, getting a feel for a company’s culture and trajectory, and getting to know candidates well. As people. And when that happens, hiring is not only successful—it’s fast.

Getting to Know Candidates

Howard and Harris first met six years ago, when Harris reached out about a different role. Right away Howard noticed the outreach was different. “He spent time getting to know me, asking me about my interests, life, and passions,” Howard says. “He also seriously considered what I was looking for in a role.”

More than anything, Howard felt Harris was truly interested in him as a person.

The two stayed in touch over the years, and Howard would let Harris know if a position was ending. Harris, too, would reach out to Howard whenever he found a fit. “He always called when he had opportunities available that he felt I was a fit for, and it always felt like he was looking out for me,” Howard says. “He’d run a role by me in the context of why he felt it was a good fit, and then he’d get my feedback.”

Harris would also schedule regular check-ins with Howard, to see how he was doing, and if anything had changed. When this new role opened, both Howard and Harris knew it was a fit. “We’ve always stayed connected, and he’s known what I’ve been looking for.”

Good Communication: Better Staffing Results

 What stood out most to Howard about his Provisions Group placement experience? “Communication,” he says. “It’s always timely. Whether it’s good news or bad news, Kevin has always communicated well and promptly every time I’ve worked with him.”

 In his new role, Howard will be managing his new employer’s IT resources and support system, and will also work with the applications team.


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