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Why the Wheat?

Find out the story behind our iconic wheat logo. (Hint: it doesn’t have anything to do with bread.)

Nashville Business Journal Awards Healthcare 2024
Nashville Business Journal Recruiting Top 10 2024
Apr 29, 2024 6:22:59 PM

Provisions Group Honored as Nashville's Best Place To Work 2024

Provisions Group recently won the Nashville Business Journal’s (2024) Best Places to Work award for the third year in a row! The honor goes to companies that promote a healthy work-life balance and positive work environment, and which have a ‘great team mentality.’

“I’m grateful we were honored as one of Nashville’s Best Places to Work for our third year in a row,” says Mark Freeman, Provisions Group Partner and CEO. “It speaks to the incredibly talented team we have at Provisions Group, who bring their heart to work, and who make our company such a wonderful community.  Having our focus on ‘helping others win at work’ brings a passion to all we do.

Do What You Love; Love What You Do

Provisions Group team members love serving each other as well as the community. Here’s what some of us have to say about life at PG:

“Joining Provisions Group has been the best career decision I have made. In a professional world where it can be hard to get recognition and advancement despite hard work and good evaluations, this company is very supportive and will make sure that you are never stuck in a rut." Ranel Liwag, Systems Administrator

“Provisions Group is such an amazing place to work, offering both autonomy and camaraderie in equal measures. It’s a great place to work filled with amazing people and just about anything you want to do related to technology.” Stuart Cooper, Client Development Director

“PG is extended family that you enjoy hanging out with.” Catherine Henson, Solutions Architect

Provisions Group team after hosting a ping pong event

“Provisions Group really is a great place to work. The people here genuinely care for one another and our community. And I love that our logo is wheat symbolizing the harvest that comes when you do good. That's a mission I can really get behind!” – Kacy Maxwell, Chief Marketing Officer

PG is a home away from home where a contagious, positive culture envelopes you, and you don’t count the hours and work doesn’t feel like work. You are championed by sincere, innovative leaders while getting to do work of your heart’s calling. It’s a company that truly values its employees, cares about its clients, and cherishes the community in belief, words, and actions.– Monica Patel, Sr. Delivery Manager

“I love working at PG because I feel valued. I know that people care about me and that makes a difference! I’m most thankful for the flexibility that PG offers.” – Rena Puschmann, Payroll Manager

A True Family Work Environment

Image (18)

“True Family Work Environment, with a passion for Faith and our Customers.  I have never worked for a company that walked the talk!” – Kim Ream, Sr. Salesforce Consultant

“I love PG because of its culture, everyone in the company looks out after each other and is always there to help.” – Eric Vargas, Network Engineer

“A genuine family like company culture. I’ll never forget when Mike Edwards mentored me through faith and shared a couple of books when I was struggling through a divorce. I truly love and appreciate PG!” – Mike Simpson, Procurement & Operations Lead

“Provisions Group is unique because it is a high-performing environment without the ‘hustle & grind’ mentality. They trust employees to do great work without applying unnecessary pressure. PG truly values people and families!” – Ryan Krueger, Account Manager & IT Recruiter


“I love the genuine care everyone has for the people, culture, and mission of PG.  It is easy to see through people’s actions and is not just a bunch to talk on a corporate check list of buzz words.” – Eric Jepson, Project Manager

“There’s a constant undercurrent of joy in the office. Everybody genuinely seems to be cheering for each other’s success.” Chris Ude, Director of RevOps

"PG is real. We are real people who live life together daily and love Information Technology. We work together to make a difference. This also means we are not perfect, which again makes us real. It’s easy to say we care for one another, but to actually do it daily is difficult, but also great." — Michael Edwards, VP of Community

“I love working in a place of highly talented people who also value the opinions and input from those around them. As a culture, it is felt that people here are generally trying to improve as a team – and have a fun time while doing it.” Kristin Johnson, Practice Director, Salesforce

“The people at Provisions Group genuinely care about each other. It has been a great experience working for an org that values community, flexibility, and individual growth.” – Heather Capstick, Sr. UI/UX Designer

Planting Seeds with Provisions Group