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Jan 23, 2024 7:48:00 PM6 min read

Embrace Efficiency with Salesforce Consultant Recommended Tools!

Managing and optimizing Salesforce environments can be challenging, but fortunately, numerous tools are available to make your life easier and more enjoyable. In this blog post, we’ll explore a selection of friendly and fun tools that can enhance your Salesforce experience. From streamlining deployments and data management to exploring metadata and automating tasks, these tools will help you work smarter and have a little fun along the way. So, let’s dive in and discover how these tools can revolutionize your Salesforce journey!

Gearset: Compare, Move, and Track Changes

Gearset is your go-to tool for comparing, moving, and tracking changes between Salesforce environments. With its intuitive interface, you can effortlessly compare orgs, identify differences in metadata and data, and selectively deploy changes. Gearset takes the hassle out of deployment and release management, ensuring smooth transitions and reducing errors. Say goodbye to manual comparisons and hello to efficient, error-free deployments!

“Gearset is a time-saving tool for comparing and tracking changes between Salesforce environments. It takes away all the pain of change sets. Gearset can combine multiple previous deployments into new ones, warn of problems before deployments fail, search for changes by a specific user, and much more. Huge time-saver!”

-Ryan, Salesforce Architect

Salesforce Inspector: Dive Deep into Your Data

Salesforce Inspector is a powerful Chrome extension that allows you to inspect your Salesforce data and metadata. It’s like having x-ray vision for your org! Explore the data model, uncover data inconsistencies, and diagnose problems with ease. Salesforce Inspector empowers you to gain valuable insights into your org, enabling you to make informed decisions and maintain data integrity.

“Salesforce Inspector is my secret weapon. It’s a Chrome extension that lets me dive deep into my Salesforce org. It’s like an X-ray vision for data and metadata. Super cool and super handy!”

-Steve, Sr Salesforce Consultant

XL Connector: Excel Integration Made Easy

XL Connector is the perfect companion for Salesforce administrators and developers who love the power of Excel. This data loader allows you to pull data from Salesforce, work on it in Excel using familiar tools like pivot tables, charts, and formulas, and push it back to Salesforce with just one click. Say goodbye to cumbersome CSV files and embrace the convenience of seamless data management with Excel.

“XL Connector is Excel on steroids for Salesforce. It pulls data from Salesforce into Excel with a single click and boom! I have all the Excel magic at my fingertips. Pivot tables, charts, and formulae make data fun!”

-Karen, CIT Lead & Sr Salesforce Consultant

Jitterbit: Simplify Integration with Point-and-Click Ease

Jitterbit offers a wizard-based, graphical interface for integration tasks. Whether you need to insert, update, upsert, query, delete, or bulk load data, Jitterbit makes it a breeze. Its automation, scheduling, and reusable operations enable you to streamline your integration processes. With Jitterbit, you can effortlessly connect Salesforce with other systems and focus on delivering exceptional user experiences.

“Jitterbit is like having a Salesforce magician by my side. It’s so easy even a wizard can use it! Point, click, and watch the magic happen. Insert, update, query—Jitterbit does it all. Abracadabra, Salesforce made simple!”

-Karen, CIT Lead & Sr Salesforce Consultant Your Consulting Companion is a valuable tool that assists with common consulting processes and tasks. From diagnosing your org to comparing environments and activating/deactivating Salesforce components, simplifies complex consulting workflows. With its user-friendly features, you can confidently and efficiently navigate consulting tasks.

“ is the Swiss Army knife for Salesforce consultants. It’s got all the tools I need for diagnosing, comparing environments, and activating or deactivating components. It’s like having a trusty sidekick for consulting adventures!”

-Megan, Salesforce Consultant

Workbench: Power up Your Salesforce Development

Workbench is a web-based tool for Salesforce admins and developers. It offers robust API support, allowing you to describe, query, manipulate, and migrate data and metadata within Salesforce organizations. With Workbench, you can explore org metadata, query and manipulate data and execute Apex code. It’s a powerful tool to enhance your Salesforce development capabilities.

“Workbench is the Jedi tool for Salesforce admins and developers. It’s web-based awesomeness! APIs galore, letting me describe, query, manipulate, and migrate data and metadata. The Force is strong with this one!”

-Katie, QuickStart Lead & Sr Salesforce Consultant

Loom Videos: Enhance Collaboration with Visual Communication

Loom Videos is a tool that enables visual communication in Salesforce. It lets you create and share videos to communicate ideas, provide demonstrations, and collaborate with team members. You can record your screen or webcam and easily share videos with colleagues. Loom Videos is perfect for showcasing features, explaining concepts, and improving collaboration within your Salesforce team.

“I love Loom videos! It has made my day so much easier. I can easily create and share videos to demonstrate features, explain concepts, and collaborate effectively with my team. It’s a fantastic tool for remote collaboration in Salesforce.”

-Caroline, Sr Salesforce Consultant Streamline Salesforce Formula Development is a game-changer for Salesforce professionals who work with formulas. This tool significantly shortens the formula development cycle by allowing you to write code directly into the formula field and see the results instantly. Say goodbye to writing formulas and testing on multiple records. With, you’ll save time, increase productivity, and create formulas with confidence.

“ has revolutionized my formula development process. Instead of writing formulas and testing them on multiple test data records, I can now write the code and see the result instantly. It has greatly shortened my development cycle.”

-Ryan, Salesforce Architect

ChatGPT: Your AI-Powered Virtual Assistant

ChatGPT is an AI-powered language model that offers more than just natural language processing. It’s like having a virtual assistant at your fingertips. ChatGPT can answer your questions, assist with tasks like composing emails, essays, and code, and engage in human-like conversations. With ChatGPT, you’ll never feel alone on your Salesforce journey.

“ChatGPT is my personal AI Assistant. It’s like chatting with a brainiac friend who will take over the tasks that I don’t want to do. Whether I need help adjusting formulas, reformatting HTML, or summarizing a document. ChatGPT has my back. Conversations with a touch of AI magic!”

-Steve, Sr Salesforce Consultant

Perm Comparator: Enhance Security Visibility

Perm Comparator provides a quick and easy way to compare profiles, permission sets, and users, giving you instant visibility into security configurations. Ensure that your org is secure and aligned with your business requirements, all while saving valuable time and effort.

“Perm Comparator is the security superhero for Salesforce. It helps me compare profiles, permission sets, and users faster than a speeding bullet. With a glance, I can see security gaps vanish!”

-Kim, Sr Salesforce Consultant

ORGanizer for Salesforce: Simplify and Have Fun with Salesforce Tasks

ORGanizer for Salesforce is a tool that simplifies repetitive tasks for Salesforce admins and developers. It helps you log in to orgs, manage open orgs, access frequently used links, run fast queries, and execute Apex code on the fly. With ORGanizer, you can streamline your workflow and add a touch of fun to your daily Salesforce tasks.

“ORGanizer is the ultimate sidekick for Salesforce admins and developers. It’s the Swiss Army knife for repetitive tasks. Login, check orgs, click favorite links—it’s like having a personal assistant. Supercharge your Salesforce productivity!”

-Katie, QuickStart Lead & Sr Salesforce Consultant


These friendly and fun Salesforce tools are here to revolutionize your workflow and bring joy to your daily tasks. Whether you’re comparing and tracking changes with Gearset, inspecting data with Salesforce Inspector, or simplifying tasks with ORGanizer and Workbench, these tools empower you to work efficiently and have fun along the way. So why not embrace these tools and supercharge your Salesforce journey? Get ready to streamline your processes, boost productivity, and enjoy the ride!