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Jan 12, 2023 12:00:00 AM3 min read

How Smart IT Leaders are Overcoming IT Hurdles in 2023

IT Leaders face unique challenges in meeting business growth and continuity day after day. A few common problems plague every leader and company though. 

Here are some of the most common issues creating stress for leaders and teams, and how smart IT leaders are solving them with a local ConciergeIT partnership. 

1. Burnout:  IT analysts, engineers, and architects are overworked. Technology never sleeps and the need to keep it running wears on even the most devoted employees after so long. Burned-out employees aren’t as engaged, creative, and loyal. 

  • Beware the warning sign: “We need more capacity on our dev and data teams. There's more work than time”.  

2. Inability to scale or increase/maintain velocity: When IT employees become overwhelmed there is no margin for more (ie “scale”) and to go faster (ie. “velocity”).  If your company isn’t scaling or moving faster, you aren’t growing and are being left behind the competition.  

  • Beware the warning sign: “We don't have the right skills on our cloud engineering/devops/infrastructure team to feel confident in being "cloud first". Could we be faster and more secure?”   

3. Resignations: #1 and #2 compound and turn into Resignations. Resignations leave you exposed and at risk of having single points of IT failure who take their knowledge with them when they leave. One resignation can create a domino effect and lead to others. 

  • Beware the warning sign: “We need to backfill another key engineer FAST because someone resigned. The remaining team absorbed it but is working overtime to keep their heads above water.  We can’t find people fast enough. (it takes 7+ weeks to make a full-time hire.)  

4. No time or ability for innovation: Most IT shops run lean with little margin for more than the status quo. Technology evolves every day, so the status quo – even if you can keep up – will leave your business trailing in the market if you don’t find a margin for new thought and innovation – and the architecture/engineering to make it happen.  

  • Beware the warning sign: I have a diverse and emerging IT roadmap, but limited access to diverse in demand new skills. We’re stuck in maintenance mode. It's a struggle just to retain our team, much less grow and innovate.”     

These 4 common problems can be solved with a single solution.  

ConciergeIT provides IT leaders fractional access to our full-time Nashville-based Sr. Engineering teams in development, data/analytics, cloud, DevOps, security, compliance, network infrastructure, salesforce, and more. 

You use our team - fractionally, just when you need it, and only when you need it, on a set budget that you control. Flex up to meet demand or hold steady to control the budget. This isn’t off-shore or old-school “I forgot my password?” service. This is  Sr. Architecture and Engineering, ready for capacity or scaling work. 100’s of companies are already using Provisions for ConciergeIT, T&M projects, and staffing to fend off their common problems: Burnout, lack of scale, resignations, and no time. 

Have a diverse IT roadmap and consider how to spread your already thin team across it - or how you'll resource it at all? ConciergeIT provides you with the right people – at just the right time, only as you need them – for less than the cost of a single full-time engineer. Let's talk about making our local team an extension of your team via ConciergeIT. 

Rest easy. Provisions Group is local, and we're a Nashville Top 5 consulting firm and Top 10 staffing firm all in one.  


Chad Nikazy is Executive Vice President at Provisions Group, a Franklin TN based IT consulting, project delivery, and recruiting firm . He resides south of Nashville with his wife and 3 children where he consults with business leaders and shuttles kids between practices of all kinds. Reach out to Chad and talk about your career or business challenges at