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Sep 13, 2022 12:00:00 AM5 min read

6 Salesforce Programs You Aren't Using to Their Potential

Salesforce is powerful, but even the best tools can be improved upon. This post will explore six Salesforce programs that can take your sales and service teams to the next level. Whether you're a brand-new user or have been using Salesforce for years and looking for ways to improve, these apps will help you streamline processes and make communication effortless! 

Lightning Flow 

Lightning Flow is a workflow automation tool that allows users to create and execute automated workflows in Salesforce. 

Lightning Flow is an integrated development environment (IDE) for building, testing, and deploying flows. You can use Lightning Flow to create custom workflows that provide business logic from one or more triggers, including events from other applications like Service Cloud and Community Cloud and custom objects such as opportunities and accounts. When you define the conditions for when your flow will run, it can then be triggered by those events to initiate actions within the same application or across multiple applications. 

Lightning Application Builder 

Lightning App Builder is a drag-and-drop interface for building apps. It's a great way to create apps for your users and your sales team. 

When you think about it, some things must be implemented in any company: training, scheduling events, managing projects, and intellectual property (IP). These are all essential to running your business. And they're also some of the most common ways people waste time at work! An app builder can help you build apps that solve these problems while giving you an easy way to monitor them and make changes when necessary. 

You could even use this Salesforce program if you're interested in making something customized—like a personal calendar or project management system—for yourself or others on the team! 

Salesforce Collaborative Forecasts 

Collaborative forecasting allows you to get the most out of your forecasting process and can be applied to create forecasts for specific products or services, customers, and territories. 

This feature allows users to collaborate on their forecasts and share real-time insights. Collaborative forecasting is an essential tool that will help increase productivity, reduce costs and improve the overall accuracy of sales forecasts. 

Lightning Voice 

If you've ever worked in a team, you've had to call or text someone for information. Maybe it was a client about an upcoming meeting, or another member of your team forgot to send over the slides for the presentation he's supposed to be giving today. 

Lightning Voice from Salesforce is an excellent tool for any business that needs to communicate with customers and clients in real-time via phone calls or text messages. And if that's not enough, Lightning Voice even supports conference calling! So, whether it's just one person or up to 23 people on the line at once, you'll always have access to clear audio and high-quality video (depending on whether the other party has turned on video). 

Lightning Snap-Ins 

Lightning Snap-Ins are a way to add functionality to your Salesforce app and other Salesforce apps. 

You can use Lightning Snap-Ins to add features to your Salesforce app, including adding new tabs in the user interface and functionality that users can access while working on an object in their record. You can also use them to add features that will appear when a user clicks on another object—such as a button or link that appears when you select data from another platform (like Twitter), allowing you to use information from those platforms right inside Salesforce. Lightning Snap-Ins are easy to build using the familiar drag-and-drop tools of Visual Studio Code (VSCode) and JavaScript code snippets. These tools make it easy for anyone with basic programming knowledge or experience building applications with VSCode or JavaScript frameworks like ReactJS or AngularJS. 


If you're not already using AppExchange, it's time to start. The Salesforce-owned marketplace is an excellent resource for finding apps that enable your organization to be more efficient—and the best part is that most of these are free! 

AppExchange can be used in various ways; however, the most common use case involves searching for an app based on keywords such as "CRM" or "customer service." This enables you to quickly find relevant solutions without sifting through hundreds or thousands of results. Once you've found an app that fits your needs, you'll need to download it onto your Salesforce account to start using it. This Salesforce program is essential for anyone trying to customize their system. 

Salesforce Touch 

Salesforce Touch is a mobile app that lets you access Salesforce data and make changes on the go. It's beneficial for salespeople who want to track their daily activities, such as calls with prospects, past leads, and closed deals. The features include: 

  • Salesforce Touch allows you to add real-time notes on your contacts or accounts and view all your tasks across different devices (desktop and mobile). The feature also includes a mini email service allowing users to send emails from within the app without logging into their inboxes. 
  • Users can create new records within Salesforce Touch by tapping on the "New Record" button at any time during the day—no need to wait until they get back into an office! Also, suppose specific fields require complex information (like multiple addresses) or cannot be completed on the go. In that case, users can complete those fields when they have computer access. This way, everything is up to date before going out again next week! 

The time to start using these Salesforce programs is now 

Here are some of the benefits: 

  • You'll be able to track how your sales reps are performing and identify which ones need additional training or coaching. 
  • You'll have a better idea of what your customers want from you regarding features and pricing. 
  • You can sell more effectively by using data from past sales activities to identify which products and services work best for each customer segment you serve. 

If you're still not convinced these Salesforce programs can help your business run smoothly, we challenge you to try the above programs. You may be surprised by how well they work in your organization and how much they can benefit your sales team. If you’d like our help in getting these systems set up and functioning properly, let us know. We’re Salesforce experts.