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Oct 25, 2022 12:00:00 AM5 min read

5 Things to Consider in Your Job Search

Two of every five workers who switched jobs over the past year are looking for work again, according to a survey. We know that in the current job market, looking for a job that suits your needs can be overwhelming. With so many options available, it can seem impossible to know what to look for in a company or role. Keeping this in mind, we have made a list of things to look for when searching for your new role.  

  1. Company History

When you find a job posting that looks like could be a good fit for you, one of the most beneficial things you can do before even applying is to do your research on the company. A simple Google search can tell you a lot about the company you are looking to apply for and its history. Here are a few things to look out for: 

  • Reviews: does the company have any reviews living on the internet from past employees? If so, what was their experience working for the company? Was it legitimate? Were they treated fairly? 
  • News: is there any information about the company in the news? If so, is it positive? Do they have a history of laying off employees? Are they doing anything good in the industry?  
  • Growth: How has the company developed since it was established? Is that important to you?  

These are just a few things to look for when doing your research on a prospective employer’s history.  

  1. Company Culture

Another crucial factor that should be considered in your research is the culture of the company you are looking to work for. Look at their website or any social media accounts they might have––you can understand how the team operates. You can also check out Glassdoor for reviews and salary information. What are the company’s mission, vision, and values? Do their goals align with yours and what you want for your future? Do they display any opportunities for growth and development within the company?  

Be honest with yourself, how do you operate best in the workplace? Do you prefer working in a team setting? Or do you accomplish your work best solo? What do you hold most important when looking for a job? Does the company show any evidence of team gatherings or appreciation days? How highly do they value their employee's mental health? Some companies even take the time to write about their company’s culture in the “about” section on their website, which can be immensely helpful in giving you, the job seeker, more insight into what a day in the role looks like. This could become your every day, so be sure that the company culture aligns with your personal values.  

Additionally, team size is very important. Will you be a lone wolf or part of a team? As a lone wolf, you won’t have a backup and emergencies will solely fall on your shoulders.  

  1. In-Person vs. Remote

Remote job opportunities are becoming increasingly popular as companies continue to shift out of the office and into the home. For many job seekers, a job opportunity could be a perfect fit besides being in person but having to work in-office can be a dealbreaker. What are you looking for in a job location? How do you personally work best? Be mindful of this when applying for jobs and pay attention to the job location in the job posting. Do you like the structure and the routine of working in person, or do you prefer the flexibility of working from your own home? 

If you are looking to work in person, how far are you willing to commute? Look at the office's location and research how long it would take you to get there every morning. Are you willing to relocate if you must for the right position? If not, you must be realistic about how far you are willing to commute to avoid burnout and exhaustion. If the job is an hour or more away from home, it might be in your best interest to keep looking for something that is closer to you. Consider how reliable your vehicle is, the cost of gas, and if you’ll miss any important personal commitments due to extended commutes.  

  1. Schedule

When searching for a new role, you will also want to be mindful of the required schedule of the position. Often, a job posting will include in the description the hours required for you to work, or if it can be flexible to better fit your schedule. Do you want to work a standard 9-5 hours with no weekends? Do you already have a day job and need something flexible? Do you not want to be tied down to a strict schedule? These are all the things to consider when you are looking for a job. Be realistic about what you need and pay attention to the job description before you apply.  

  1. Salary & Benefits

Lastly, be aware of your salary expectations. What are your weekly and monthly expenses? Do you need weekly pay, or can you budget for bi-weekly or monthly paychecks? Often, job postings will “suggest” a pay range, but do not actually list the rate of pay for the position. Do your research and determine what the average salary or pay rate is for the position you are applying for and get a gauge for what your expectations should be. Working with a recruiter will help you navigate these conversations and determine the appropriate salary levels for the market and your skills. 

Another incredibly important aspect of the job search is looking into what kind of benefits and perks are available with the position. Do they offer health insurance? Dental insurance? Do they offer paid time off, sick time or vacation time? Do they offer a 401k and retirement plan? These are all things to consider when searching for a new role. Not only do you need the job now, but you need to think about how it might set you up for your future. If having these benefits is essential to you, then be sure that you confirm the company you are applying for offers them.  


There is a myriad of factors that should be considered when searching for a new role. With such a competitive and saturated job market, knowing what to look for in a potential role and/or employer is essential to your success. Looking for a new and exciting role in tech? At Provisions Group, we post new job opportunities daily.