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Remote Work and Zero Trust Security

For the last five years, there has been a progressive shift in the way that secure networks are designed. Ensuring the confidentiality and accessibility of network-connected services is increasingly complicated by high cloud adoption and workforce distribution trends. We'll explain the principles of Zero Trust Security and provide several popular implementation patterns and vendors.

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With more employees working remotely on corporate devices and data, there are fewer connected devices within trusted networks.

This inherently breaks down the traditional dichotomy of “trusted” and “untrusted.” Additionally, with an increasing reliance on Software-as-a-Service, even traditional work-remote VPN solutions can exist within loopholes in the historical approach to secure network design. This shift in security needs has led to a new approach called “zero trust security” – supported by a variety of technology products and vendors – that ensures that trust is always verified at every phase and layer.


Three Key Takeaways

What is the Zero Trust Security Model?

What are common Zero Trust Security implementation patterns?

What solutions in the market offer meaningful ways to take steps towards Zero Trust Architectures?


Eric Hendrickson

Chief Technology Officer at Provisions Group

Eric is a technology, security, and compliance leader that has served his entire career at the intersection of capability and control – innovation and intention. Today, he is the Chief Technology Officer for Provisions Group and has a passion for the relationship between technology that empowers and technology that secures.