Mike Edwards Promotion Announcement

We are proud to announce that Mike Edwards has been promoted to VP of Community! He has been part of Provisions Group since September 2007. That’s 15 years! Read on for more fun facts about Mike.

Do you remember your first placement?

Yes, it was for a Distributed Application Developer at Comdata. Her name was Christa, and she accepted the offer around October 15-16, 2007, and then started her new role on October 30. I still have those emails. 😊

She enjoys vacations in the Smoky Mountains, and she may even be there when you are reading this!

Quote: “I am not afraid to try something new – so I have an extensive list of hobbies and interests! But I do love to read, and I’m intrigued by true crime stories!”

What is your funniest memory working at PG?

It was about 7 or 8 p.m. one evening, and Mark Freeman, Ryan Bell, and I were the only ones still at the PG office. Ryan had said it was creepy at PG after regular work hours, and he’d hear things. So Mark and I snuck outside around the side of the PG office and scarred the crap out of him.

Also, the time that Nathan (and I still think Mark Freeman had something to do with it) stuck my desk up on water bottles. I still have a photo. At the time, I was upset and overreacted, but now it’s funny.

What does community mean to you?

What I’ve always enjoyed about my work is getting to know people. I want to get personal when possible without crossing boundaries. I like to think about what things bond us together, even in short conversations-purposefully searching for something where we can connect on some level. The more we can connect and learn about each other, the more we are a part of a community.

I want to be a conduit between multiple teams at Provisions Group, leveraging my years of experience at PG, many years of experience in and around IT, and my love of PEOPLE.

You received suspenders one year as a white elephant Christmas gift. The joke was on the team-you wore those for years. Whatever happened to the suspenders?

The funny thing is, it wasn’t a white elephant gift. I got to know two of our interns, Matt and Randall, and I told them that I was thinking about changing my look. We shared a laugh, and I told them how I’ve always loved suspenders, so before Christmas one year, they got me a pair. I needed another change, so they are in the closet.

You and Mark celebrated wins by walking down the street for ice cream. What’s your go-to and favorite flavor? Baskin Robbins, Ben & Jerry’s, or Kilwins?

Well, my favorite was always Ben and Jerry’s – Black Cherry in a kids cup.

You used to interview people while walking in Downtown Franklin (Dr’s orders). Who was your favorite person to interview?

(Dr’s orders is accurate, kind of) I met so many interesting people during this time, including many business owners. I’d been interviewing peeps on the street for months, and an older gentleman approached me and said, “I noticed you interviewing people on the streets. Come here. I want to show you something.” We went through one of the businesses that he didn’t own, went through a door in the back (I was a little scared, to be honest), and went up these dark stairs. He didn’t talk much. When we got upstairs, he started telling me about the History of Franklin. He had many old pictures, building documents and knew what they were initially built for in the 1800s. It was odd but fascinating. It turned out he owned many of the buildings in Franklin. He also connected me with the director at the Heritage Foundation and the County Historian, which led to more great interviews. Interestingly enough, I was NOT allowed to video him. He just wanted to share.

I also interviewed many creatives like songwriters, artists, and musicians. I loved picking their brains about how they think during their creative process. Intriguing! I still have most of those interviews.

Tell us about your family.

I still remember the first day I met Mayree in college in 1984. We met while working at Deli Junction, a popular college hangout. We were best friends, but I had NO chance. Yet somehow, I got a date after about 6-8 months. (a much longer story that’s funny)

We were married in Chattaboogie on August 1, 1988. Before we were married, we both wanted to live in Chattanooga. I found a job in Chattanooga as a cameraman, and Mayree found a job in Nashville as a School Teacher. I lived with her parents for six months, and Mayree lived with my parents to see who would make the most money. I made $3.35, so I moved to Nashville after six months.

My son Ross was born in 1991, and God working through Mayree and others, we became Christians and were baptized the same day. (Longer story to this fantastic Journey)

We have two great kids – Ross (31) and Claire (26). Claire is finishing up at Austin Peay, and Ross recently took a job at UPS. Claire recently married an amazing young lady Bria Smith. We all get together for dinner about every other week. We’ve always spent a lot of time together as a family discussing everything you can think of, from God, history to politics. Ross and I debate many issues all the time and laugh as we do it. Mayree and Claire roll their eyes in every discussion.

Is it true you worked on the crew of Crook and Chase? What was your role?

Yes, I worked for a local production company owned by Loranne and Jim Owens, producing Crook and Chase. I did a little of everything and volunteered for many things others didn’t want. Most notably, I was in charge of ‘warming up” the audience for about six years, and even after leaving, I continued for about six months after that.

I did everything from producing Music Videos to traveling worldwide as a Field Audio-Lighting/Grip. I eventually got out of TV/Film because I made about 16k a year, traveling a lot. A fun job but hard to support a family. 😊 

You and Mayree travel a lot. What is one of your favorite places you have visited?

Italy and the Soviet Union (while at Crook and Chase, I went to the Soviet Union without Mayree). Now we hit the countryside and remote places out in God’s country!

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