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A common misconception is that UX or design for software-based products is primarily concerned with how a product looks. In this session, Eric Hendrickson, Chief Technology Officer, Provisions Group, will make the case that “good UX” is as much about the usefulness and scalability of a UI as it is about its visual qualities.  

Building on this, Eric will present the role of UX in modern software delivery.  A high-quality UX practice impacts everything from Agile project teams to DevOps to microservices. Come ready to challenge your ideas of what UX is and is not and how critically important it is to successful software systems and beyond.  

Key Topics to Discuss

What is usability?  

What does it mean for a UI to be “scalable”? 

How does the UX role apply to Agile project teams? 

Why is UX the most critical role? (even more than the engineers or PMs... shhh, don’t tell them) 

Where is UX going?


Eric Hendrickson

Chief Technology Officer at Provisions Group

Eric is a technologist, software engineer, technology, and product leader that has served on numerous project teams building, redesigning, and delivering software-based systems. Today, he is the Chief Technology Officer for Provisions Group. He has a passion for the relationship between creativity and technology and the value of user-centered design and its impact on how the industry delivers technology solutions.

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