Town Hall Webinar: “Using Data to Engage Patients – Lessons Learned, The Path Forward”

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Tuesday, January 26, 2021
2:30-3:30PM Central

Webinar - Jan 26 21-80

Over the past decade, significant progress has been achieved with the widespread implementation and adoption of electronic health records. In addition, progress has been made on meeting patients where they are, including via telehealth, virtual health, and digital solutions. However, adoption is filled with challenges (security, multiple access points, experience) and true “anywhere healthcare” has been difficult to achieve.

Since March of 2020, the industry has witnessed widespread virtual and digital platforms, with significant patient acceptance and provider satisfaction. Certainly, the relaxation of regulations, combined with accelerated adoption of technology has contributed to new avenues of virtual care deployment.

Join our panel as we discuss the rapid acceleration of solutions, lessons learned during the Covid-19 pandemic, and paths forward to ensure adoption and satisfaction rates remain high – contributing to healthcare’s most significant challenges – cost, access, quality, and equity.

Moderators & Panelists

  • Eric Hendrickson, Co-Moderator
  • Eric Thrailkill, Co-Moderator
  • Eric Stevens, Panelist
  • Jay Simmons, Panelist
  • Matt Petty, Panelist
  • Josh Scales, Panelist

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Eric Hendrickson
CTO (Provisions Group)

Eric Thrailkill
Former CIO (Amsurg) and EVP Data and Analytics (Envision Health)



Eric Stephens
Chief Analytics Officer (Nashville General Hospital)


Jay Simmons
HIT Practice Director (Provisions Group)

Matt Petty
CIO (Surgery Partners)

Josh Scales
Founder & CEO
(Uniti Health)

2 thoughts on “Town Hall Webinar: “Using Data to Engage Patients – Lessons Learned, The Path Forward”

  1. I have worked in healthcare and specific in the IT aspect for 8 years. During the transition from in-person care to web visits, the providers have experienced so many changes. Many clinicians have asked a very troublesome question, “We are being trained how to use the programs. but who is training our patients/caregivers?” What measures are being taken to instruct them regarding security of their computer systems to avoid release of PHI?

    1. Hi Phoebe, great insights and important questions that every healthcare organization should be asking themselves. The successful rollout and adoption of new programs should always be a distinct part of the project cycle. And PHI protection should be central to the architecture of each system in play. Both of these are very specific to the organization and project — but something for which we have a lot of experience!

      We’d encourage anyone engaging in Healthcare IT projects to connect with an expert consulting firm (such as Provisions Group) to ensure these, and many other, important considerations are brought to the forefront during project scoping. Reach out if we can help your organization!

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