Town Hall Webinar: “The Salesforce Journey: Best Practice Examples of Salesforce Optimization”

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Tuesday, January 12, 2021
2:30-3:30PM Central

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Managing the Salesforce roadmap is a continual process of determining the what, why, and when of the Salesforce optimization process. The effectiveness of environment optimization plays a critical role in maximizing the ROI of Salesforce and the associated tech stack.

Moderated by Robb Gentry, Chief Growth Officer, Provisions Group, Tuesday's discussion will explore lessons learned and best practices of three common optimization scenarios with insight and discussion from Camellia Petty, Managing Director-CRM Practice, along with specific examples and lessons learned from a few of our clients.

Three common questions leading to optimization initiatives:

  • Workflow: Does our system facilitate work as a single and fluid process or promote work to remain in silos?
  • Environment | Stack: Is our organization growing into or out of the Salesforce house we're building?
  • Metrics | Sales Process: Does our sales process drive behavior that results in business objective achievement?

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Robb Gentry

Robb Gentry
Chief Growth Officer, Provisions Group


Camellia Petty
Managing Director - CRM Practice, Provisions Group

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