Town Hall Webinar: “Security and Containers: Five Ways to Secure Your Containerized Workloads”

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Tuesday, January 19, 2021
2:30-3:30PM Central

Webinar - Jan 19 21-80

With the sophistication of attackers on the rise, the explosion of sensitive data within the custody of IT organizations, and the increasingly common deployment of nontraditional container and cloud-based workloads; the average IT person has a lot to think about when it comes to security and risk these days.

In this discussion, Eric Hendrickson, CTO, Provisions Group, will explore five of the most common container-specific security concerns and some of the most effective ways to ensure that your container based workloads are secure.

In this talk, we’ll cover the following topics at a high level:

  • Root Default Containers
  • Kernel Privilege Escalation
  • Leaky Environment Variables & Other Container Cloud/Orchestration Risks
  • Kubernetes Secrets (… are not secret) & Default Kubernetes RBAC
  • Containers with Vulnerable Code

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Chief Technical Officer
Provisions Group

Eric Hendrickson
CTO, Provisions Group


Ron Maynard
Cloud & Security Practice Lead, Provisions Group

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