Do you know if your employees have been the target of a phishing scam?

Your employees' work credentials, like their email and other security-sensitive information, could be on the dark web. 44% of people think an email is safe with familiar branding, significantly raising the risk of phishing and extracting sensitive information when opened.

Provisions Group is partnering with Fortra's Alert Logic to provide your organization a free dark web scan to help you identify possible compromised employee data.

The scan will search your company domain and find when and whose credentials have been exposed. When an exposure is found, you can alert your employees and have them change their passwords.

of employees assume an email is safe with familiar branding
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What you get from the dark web scan.

  • Free, one-time dark web scan and review of your domain
  • A report on your users' credentials that was found on the dark web
  • A short follow-up meeting to review the results of the dark web review report to discuss your organization's web security standing and what steps your organization can and should take to get ahead of any cyberattacks.

The benefits of a dark web scan review.

  • Discover if credentials have been breached and if sensitive data has been compromised
  • Identify potential indicators of compromise and receive early notice of attacks
  • Shut down ATO access attempts by taking action when accounts have been compromised
  • Help stop social engineering attacks and potential fraud attempts
  • Support compliance with NIST standards and other regulations like HIPAA compliance by recognizing stolen passwords