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Low-Cost Automation through Low Code Platforms

Today, because of the growth in Software-as-a-Service, many process automation solutions are available for a fraction of their previous cost. Some of the best options on the market are available in services that your business may already own. This webinar will introduce some of these solutions and propose steps to optimize your business.

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Three Key Takeaways

What are some representative examples of traditional process automation solutions?

What are the services these products provide and why are these valuable?

What solutions do you likely already own that could provide the same value for a fraction of the acquisition and support cost?

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These systems unite data, documents, and tasks into a framework that allows organizations to assign work, synchronize data, and collect performance analytics.

While these systems have been a key part of many organizations’ approach to optimize and streamline their business processes, the licenses were often costly and required complex installation and maintenance. One reason for this was that these systems relied on highly specialized developers whose skills were unique and therefore expensive to source.


Eric Hendrickson

Chief Technology Officer at Provisions Group

Eric has been building and using business process automation solutions for over 15 years and he has served on teams that sourced, designed, and implemented both traditional high cost and modern low code process automation systems. Today, he is the Chief Technology Officer for Provisions Group and has a passion for the relationship between people, process, and tools to improve operations of businesses of all sizes and industries.