Expanding Adoption and Use of Microsoft 365

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Webinar Archive: How to Drive Adoption and Increased Usage for ALL of Microsoft 365

Remote and hybrid work environments are challenging traditional collaboration methods, yet adoption and usage of today’s most ubiquitous productivity tool, Microsoft 365, remains a challenge. 

Studies show that traditional training and support models for technologies fail in delivering increased and sustained adoption and usage. Low or inconsistent adoption and usage have become major productivity, collaboration barriers, and impediments to growth for businesses today. 

75% of traditional training solutions do not work to improve adoption of technology platforms. 

*McKinsey & Company

Does your organization share these common but pressing challenges? 

  • Inconsistent Usage of Office 365 features and applications between employees, departments, and processes.
  • Low overall user engagement of features and applications.
  • Training and support methods are not effective.

Provisions Group and Nulia have developed an innovative online town hall event with leading experts to discuss the barriers and solutions available to overcome some of the most pressing organizational challenges in the workforce today. This event will feature live discussions, audience input and feedback to deliver attendees new insights, perspective, and real-world solutions they can implement in their organization.    

In this online event, we will examine and discuss specific examples of organizations who faced and overcame their internal Microsoft 365 adoption, training, and usage trends to drive measurable improvements. 

By attending you will:   

  • Learn the most common organizational challenges for driving usage and adoption of the full Microsoft 365 solution. 
  • Gain insights into how organizations are prioritizing Microsoft 365 behavior to support today’s virtual and hybrid work environments. 
  • Examine specific examples of how skills outcomes training can drive increases in: Teams, SharePoint , OneDrive , Video calls 


Chief Technical Officer
Provisions Group

Eric Hendrickson 

Chief Technical Officer

Provisions Group

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Neal Heaney

Partner Development Manager


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