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The Challenge: Evaluating and Engaging IT Vendors 

Being an expert in your field sometimes means you don't have time for other things. Our client built and operated primary care team clinics, then partnered with health plans to manage care. After a nearly-too-late realization about their capabilities, our client reached out for help.  

Our client, an entrepreneurial group of healthcare operations experts, knew they could outperform the competition. However, it wasn’t until they were opening their first clinic that they realized evaluating and engaging IT vendors and services was not a core competency. They tried doing it themselves and found the process to be a huge distraction from their other priorities—not to mention much more work than they had bargained for. 

Our Goal

We needed to evaluate and engage IT vendors to help the client implement the services they need.

Our Provisions Group Solution

Provisions met with the management team and talked them through the steps necessary to evaluate, select, and engage vendors and services. Then, with a senior Provisions Group staff member acting as a virtual CIO, we identified their IT needs and proceeded on to evaluation and selection. We also negotiated their vendor contracts, and ultimately ended up implementing the services for their corporate office and three clinics. In the face of extremely tight timelines, the Provisions Group team got all the client’s connectivity and other services installed and functional - on time and on budget. 

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Our Results

Our client’s similar philosophies on customer service and service delivery made Provisions Group a natural fit. At first, other priorities kept them from establishing their IT services. With help from Provisions Group they launched a new healthcare enterprise and began their journey to grow the company. 

We implemented these services for their corporate office and three clinics.

We helped launch a new healthcare enterprise.

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“By starting with our business strategy rather than merely our technology needs, Provisions Group designed our technology solutions to meet the demands of our business. Plus, they were implemented on time and within budget." 

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