Technology Refresh for a Healthcare Company

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Technology Refresh for a Healthcare Company

Migrating thousands of computers—and putting an end to one big headache

When managing a 14-hospital network, up-to-date technology is a priceless asset.

Past the support deadline on 18,000 computers, a growing health network turned to us for help.


Our client has invested more than $800M since 2001 to build a health network spanning 14 hospitals and 12,000 employees.


When a computer operating system came to end-of-life, the client wrestled with what to do with thousands of workstations.


Provisions contractors upgraded the organization’s computers in only 9 months.


The client was able to rely on Provisions to successfully update its computers—saving money on support costs and on the project itself.

The Challenge

18,000 workstations used an operating system that had reached end-of-life. To keep the computers running, our client was paying a significant premium to extend support past the deadline.

The Solution

An internal pilot of the migration project was ineffective, leading our client to meet with Provisions and two other vendors. Based on our ability to perform the project within their budget, we were awarded the work.

The Results

Provisions began the project with two smaller teams and a project manager. Over the course of nine months, the team grew to about 60 contractors working around the clock.

We faced network problems, logistical issues, and more – but were able to overcome all of those challenges to complete the project successfully.

The Bottom Line

The project was not without significant challenges, but Provisions’ ability to mold a team that consistently met the needs of a perpetually evolving project was key. The result—18,000 upgraded workstations and one happy client.

“Our internal project didn’t perform as expected, but the Provisions team put together a plan to get the project done on-time and within our allotted budget. And that’s exactly what they did.”

– Provisions Group Client

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