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How we used Salesforce to transform a retail goods chain’s IT request process.

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The Challenge: Adapting to New IT Processes

A retail goods chain with more than 300 convenience stores across six states in the southeast U.S. - most of which connect to gas stations – is known for its friendly customer service. It uses an IT ticketing system with 20 users for technology requests, in-store maintenance issues, customer complaints, and more. Over the years, the system has not adapted to changes in organizational structure and has not kept up with the technological era. The retail goods chain was experiencing an emergence of new IT processes and change management. Although it had a unified way of handling its IT ticketing system with ServiceNow, the users did not like the platform. They felt it was too bloated and provided a complicated user experience. In addition, ServiceNow did not integrate with its guest experience system, which resulted in more steps in processes and more room for error.

Our Goal

We needed to transfer all data and IT processes to Salesforce Service Cloud to enable the retail goods chain to maintain IT ticketing system performance.

Our Provisions Group Solution

Our team transferred the retail goods chain’s data and processes to IT Service Center, a product under Salesforce Service Cloud. With IT Service Center, our team implemented:

Incident Management

Allow the retail goods chain to prioritize, investigate, and track customer complaints, status, and progress, as well as communications and resolutions.

Service Request and Catalog Management

The retail goods chain can now track its incoming service requests more efficiently, which reduces costs, decreases delivery time, and improves customer satisfaction.

Change Management

Assisted in easing the retail goods company’s employees into new processes and management

Configuration Management

Established and set up a process to maintain its IT ticketing system performance

In addition, IT Service Center integrates the Tanium endpoint management and security platform with Salesforce, an employee portal so teams can better collaborate.

Incident Management-L1jf

Incident Management

Change Management-L1jf

Change Management

Service Request-L1jf

Catalog Management

Configuration Management-L1jf

Configuration Management

Our Results

As a result of the integration to IT Service Center, the retail goods chain has improved its internal communications and processes with less errors and has reduced the amount of time it takes employees to input data, which has improved efficiency and productivity and resulted in a better customer experience.

We migrated the call system to Salesforce Service Cloud.

This improved internal communications and processes and made a better overall customer experience.

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