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How we helped a wealth management company thrive using Financial Service Cloud.

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The Challenge: Rebuilding a CRM Structure

A wealth management and advisory company with a focus on retirement has 11 locations across four states, including California, Arizona, Oklahoma, and Texas. To help clients plan for financial success after retirement, the wealth management company uses its Salesforce CRM to host up to 150 users to support its prospect pipeline, connect with customers, schedule internal and external meetings, and more. Before coming to our team for assistance, the wealth management company was still using outdated Salesforce Classic and needed to move to Salesforce Lightning. In addition, their team needed help setting up a system properly customized for its business success.

The wealth management team felt overwhelmed, dissecting its data and rebuilding its CRM structure while maintaining the same level of service to its financial planning clients. After looking at the system structure and understanding their business process, our team concluded that Sales Cloud—which they were using at the time—was not the most strategic or efficient for their needs. The structure had little automation, which resulted in less productivity and lost data, and the company desperately needed a solution that would systematize its processes and tasks and allow its team more time to work with its clients.

Our Goal

We needed to move from Sales Cloud to Financial Services Cloud and update Salesforce Classic to Salesforce Lightning. 

Our Provisions Group Solution

Our team wanted to create a solution that would fit the needs of the business, hold longevity for future innovation, and that their team could easily adapt to. We dissected the organization's previous CRM structure and met with teams and departments to learn about goals, wants, and needs. We completely revamped the design of Salesforce Financial Service Cloud – which included migration from Classic to Lightning, implementation of CRM analytics and Sales Engagement, as well as several integrations with other systems, including DocuSign for e-Signature, Cvent, Box for Salesforce, and Outlook (using Riva).

CRM Analytics-L1jf

CRM Analytics

Sales Engagement-L1jf

Redesigned System

Redesigned System-L1jf

Sales Engagement

System Integration-L1jf

System Integration

Our Results

As a result of building from the ground up, the wealth management company has seen that its employees are more interested in using Salesforce as a tool. There are fewer coding and speed issues, and the company can track and use data more effectively. Now that the team does not have to worry about data issues or a sluggish system, they are beginning to dive deeper into what else they can accomplish as a company utilizing Salesforce.

We rebuilt everything in Financial Services Cloud.

This improved company tracking and quickened the process.

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