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How we created a unified system by migrating call metric and telephony platforms to Salesforce CRM.

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The Challenge: Tracking Call Metrics

A retail goods chain with more than 300 convenience stores across six states in the southeast U.S. - most of which connect to gas stations – is known for its friendly and helpful customer service. As a fast-growing business, it struggled to keep up with the demands of the digital age and needed an innovative solution to track its phone call metrics in the same system as the rest of its data and could host its 20 users.

Before coming to our team, the retail goods company used Genesys – a telecommunications software - to track phone call metrics, including call volume, average wait time, and handling time. The call system metrics were separate from the rest of their information. This made for longer call and wait times and made it challenging to provide a consistent and seamless experience for its customers. Service requests ranged from the number of points on the loyalty card to a gas pump issue to a bathroom issue, which all needed to route to different depts. Project requirements also included the incorporation of IVR (interactive voice response), call recording, supervisor observation, and workforce management (people working shifts, breaks, etc.).

Our Goal

We needed to transfer the call tracking system to Salesforce Service Cloud to create a unified CRM where all the data would be stored in one place.

Our Provisions Group Solution

We saw an opportunity to help improve the retail good company’s guest experience by transferring its call tracking systems to Salesforce Service Cloud which centralized its data and processes to a unified CRM.

We collected the guest experience data that had been stored in Genysys, then migrated it to Service Cloud, and automated metrics, shift management, handling times and more, to help efficiency and make for a seamless transition. Since Salesforce does not provide a direct telephony provider, we used the provider with the tightest integration, which is Amazon Connect by Amazon Web Services. In addition, we introduced Salesforce Einstein Chat, which uses AI to chat with visitors on the website.




Chat Support


Automated Metrics


Better Handling Times

Our Results

Since migrating its call system to Salesforce Service Cloud Voice, the retail goods company has seen success including:

Happy customers - the migration to Salesforce Service Cloud increased automation, which decreased customer delivery, call handling and wait times, and increased customer satisfaction

Happy employees – with more automation and less manual data input, the retail goods employees are more productive and efficient

Enhanced decision-making – with more real-time data, the retail goods company can make important business decisions more quickly and accurately

We migrated the call system to Salesforce Service Cloud.

This increased automation and made processes run more quickly and accurately.

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