CareHere Healthcare Organization IT Assessment

Implementing new approach to processes, products and people - just in time

Sometimes, rapid company growth requires an overhaul of internal systems.

A major healthcare provider was in danger of missing goals because of a disconnect between IT and the business.


By providing on-site services through employers, a national healthcare organization managing nearly 200 sites in 24 states makes healthcare easier, better, and more affordable.


Sustained exponential growth over a decade led to an intense focus on scaling at the expense of strategy. Amid concerns they weren’t set up to scale appropriately in the next 10 years, an in-house EMR project was significantly late and over-budget.


Provisions made recommendations to improve IT governance and oversight, and established a CIO role for the business.


Process improvements helped the company stay budget neutral—even after hiring the CIO and several new staff members.

The Challenge

Our client had been experiencing astronomical growth over the course of a decade—doubling their business almost every year for 10 years. However, they had spent too much time and effort on tactics in an attempt to meet their deadlines, causing the overall health of the company to suffer—and a major project to run off the rails.

The Solution

Unlike a previous consulting firm (which had prepared a report that had gone unheeded)—we took the time to really and truly understand our client’s problem. We heard their concerns about scalability and helped develop a plan to get the EMR project back on track and out to their clinic base.

The Results

Provisions helped create a steering committee charged with overseeing the troubled areas of the company. We also introduced a product management process, which focused our client on the concept of an MVP—minimum viable product—and encouraged collaborative discussions between the business and IT.

Finally, we recommended establishing a CIO role—and handled the recruitment to fill the position—in order to provide ongoing assurance that the company’s newly implemented strategy would continue to flourish and improve.

The Bottom Line

We helped our client stay budget-neutral, even through the hiring of the CIO and several new staff members. The best part? That CIO, who himself had more than 30 years of experience in the business, he performed his own IT assessment to get oriented to the company. Not surprisingly, he reached nearly all the same conclusions we did. Today he's well on his way to maturing the organization in IT.

“Provisions’ commitment to meeting the customer 'where they are' was what made this project so successful. They didn’t bring judgment or criticism to the project—just a willingness to get things done, and the experience necessary to do it.”

– Ernie Clevenger, CEO

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