Job #2736 Project Director

Job #: 2736
Location: Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida
Category: Healthcare IT
Skillset: Project Management
Placement Type: Permanent Placement
Start time: ASAP
Additional Details:

Job Summary: The Project Services Project Director is responsible for organization, project and program management, and monitoring of the successful development and implementation of all project controls for projects and programs as assigned. This includes the creation and maintenance of the following project and program control processes:

  • Ownership and coordination of the project and program deliverables management process
  • Assured compliance with project and program control minimum standards
  • Production of overall program status reports
  • Day-to-day oversight of key special projects

The position requires solid communication skills to lead project teams, as well as to interface with other departments (including IT&S), business partners, and leadership. The Project Director must be results-oriented with a demonstrated strong commitment and willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. Moderate to heavy travel may be required.

Duties and Responsibilities:

  • Actively and professionally communicate with Business Units, Service Centers, other company Division, other company Corporate and/or other Facility stakeholders to manage multiple project Business Owner(s) and team member relationships to accomplish project goals
  • Author/facilitate strategic documents such as project Charters, Education and Communication plans, detailed project plans, implementation toolkits, and present program and project updates/presentations to Business Owners within assigned projects, programs, or initiatives.
  • Proactively assure that standard project controls are followed by the company and IT&S project management personnel.
  • Proactively identify and manage the project and program-level risks and issues via documented project/program risk and issue processes.
  • Proactively manage the deliverables and change management processes for assigned programs and projects.
  • Provide management, either directly or indirectly, of other company Project Management staff to assure the quality of work and integration of team members’ work.
  • Mentor staff in project management and controls.
  • Facilitate decision-making that is required for progress on projects and programs.
  • Assure quality assurance and ensure projects and programs meet all audit expectations.
  • Be actively involved in business case development for projects/programs within the company as necessary.
  • Act in a Program Management role as a single point of contact and accountability in coordination with IT&S for large-scale technology development and implementation initiatives.

Key Competencies:

  • Becoming a Business Advisor – Adding customer equity by creating valued business partnerships with customers; proactively identifying business opportunities for the customer; conveying a firm understanding of the customer’s business and political drivers.
  • Building a Successful Team – Using appropriate methods and a flexible interpersonal style to help build a cohesive team; facilitating the completion of team goals.
  • Coaching and Developing Others – Providing feedback, instruction, and development guidance to help others excel in their current or future job responsibilities; planning and supporting the development of individual skills and abilities.
  • Driving Execution – Translating strategic priorities into operational reality; aligning communication, accountabilities, resource capabilities, internal processes, and ongoing measurement systems to ensure that strategic priorities yield measurable and sustainable results.
  • Empowerment/Delegation – Sharing authority and responsibilities with others to move decision making and accountability downward through the organization, enable individuals to stretch their capabilities, and accomplish the business unit’s strategic priorities.
  • Facilitating Change – Encouraging others to seek opportunities for different and innovative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities; facilitating the implementation and acceptance of change within the workplace.
  • Leadership Disposition – Demonstrating the traits, inclinations, and dispositions that characterize successful leaders; exhibiting behavior styles that meet the demands of the leader role.
  • Leading through Vision and Values – Keeping the organization’s vision and values at the forefront of associate decision making and action.
  • Operational Decision Making – Securing and comparing information from multiple sources to identify business issues; committing to an action after weighing alternative solutions against important decision criteria.

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • Adaptability – maintains effectiveness when experiencing major changes in work tasks or the work environment; adjusts effectively to work within new work structures, processes, requirements, or culture
  • Energy – consistently maintains high levels of activity or productivity; sustains long working hours when necessary; operates with vigor, effectiveness, and determination over extended periods of time
  • Managing Conflict – deals effectively with others in an antagonistic situation; uses appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to reduce tension or conflict between two or more people
  • Stress Tolerance – maintains stable performance under pressure or opposition; handles stress in a manner that is acceptable to others and the organization
  • Organization  –  stays  focused  and  proactively  prioritizes  initiatives;  determines  tasks  and  resources,  and schedules with keen ability to multi-task
  • Planning and Organizing – establish courses of action for self and others to ensure that work is completed efficiently
  • Project Management – applies project controls to identify, communicate, and manage project scope, goals, project plan, and project progress/performance
  • Delegating Responsibility – allocates decision-making authority and/or task responsibility to appropriate others to maximize the organization’s and individuals’ effectiveness
  • High Impact Communications – clearly and succinctly conveys information and ideas to individuals and groups in a variety of situations; communicate in a focused and compelling way that drives others’ thoughts and actions
  • Customer Orientation – establishes and maintains long-term customer relationships, building trust and respect by consistently meeting and exceeding expectations
  • Leadership – guides development of individuals and groups toward desired outcomes, conveying performance expectations and implications and delivering leading quality services; clarify performance and evaluates skill gaps, providing timely feedback; models commitment
  • Tactical Execution – effectively leverages resources and manages the project controls of complex processes
  • Financial Analysis – displays skills necessary to create business cases as well as plan and track project budget performance for applicable projects

Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

  • Facilitation – demonstrates the ability to facilitate medium to large groups of people at various organizational levels for purposes of planning, problem-solving, or strategy development
  • Teambuilding – develops structure and direction to facilitate goal accomplishment; fosters developmental relationships, involving others and informing others on the team
  • Building Strategic Working Relationships – subordinates personal goals while developing others’ and own ideas to facilitate agreement; seeks opportunities to form collaborative relationships to facilitate the accomplishment of work goals; clarifies the current situation
  • Initiative – takes prompt, proactive steps towards problem resolution
  • PC / Technical Skills
    • Microsoft Office applications (including Microsoft Excel, Word, Access, Outlook, and PowerPoint)
    • Online collaboration tools, such as WebEx and conference calling tools
    • Project Management tools, including Microsoft Project 2013, and preferably the Microsoft Project Server portfolio and project management tool


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Healthcare Management/Administration, or other comparable Bachelor’s Degree (may be substituted with 7 to 10 years relevant experience).
  • Master’s Degree preferred


  • 5-8 years project management experience in managing multiple projects and programs to successful completion of multiple hospitals, business offices, or health systems, preferably in healthcare revenue cycle
  • Minimum of 5 years of management experience
  • Experience leading large, enterprise-scale projects or programs preferred
  • Operations and systems knowledge a plus
  • Hospital operations, financial services, supply chain, or IT experience a plus


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