It takes streamlined efficiency to implement much-needed standardization.

The nation’s largest hospital chain faced a nightmare when trying to integrate scores of hospitals and clinics into a workforce management system after a massive health system acquisition.

Client Profile

Our client is the nation’s largest hospital company—owning, leasing, or operating nearly 200 hospitals in 29 states.


Dozens of hospitals and even more associated clinics needed to be migrated to a centralized workforce management system after being acquired by our client.


What could have been a complex, costly project was managed on schedule and at budget.


Provisions helped the client realize both direct and indirect savings—while barely “lifting a finger.”

The Challenge

Seventy hospitals and more than 100 associated clinics acquired at various times needed to be migrated to a centralized instance of Kronos Workforce Central. This segment of our client’s workforce represented 40,000 employees—and countless different time, attendance, and payroll processes. Needless to say, the client was struggling with a significant amount of redundancy.

The Solution

The client had used several different vendors in the past to handle Kronos migrations, and had found two things invariably accompanied each project: hidden costs and broken promises. After evaluating several additional vendors, they were attracted to Provisions because of the clarity and transparency of our pricing schedule.

The Results

We managed the project with all completions on schedule—and at budget, with very few change orders. Fixed cost has long been a Provisions Group strength; where other vendors wanted to “nickel and dime” the client, our efficient approach to scope creep and budgeting achieved great results.

After bidding $500,000 less than the competition, our ability to act autonomously and not bill for a constant stream of change orders easily saved that amount again.

And now that payroll efforts are centralized, the client will, conservatively, realize an additional $2.5M in annual savings.

  • “Provisions had similar work for one of the entities we had acquired, so we knew they had the knowledge and experience necessary. But combined with the financial benefits, hiring them was a no-brainer.”

    - Provisions Client

The Bottom Line

The client provided an internal project manager to facilitate meetings, communicate with sites, and report status to upstream stakeholders, but otherwise left us to run autonomously. In other words, Provisions saved them $3.5M in direct and indirect costs with very little time or effort on their part.

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